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Pamplona on Fire! The day-by-day preview of a 360-degree Festival Flamenco

The city of Pamplona is all set for the third edition of Flamenco on Fire that will fill the town with flamenco.
August 18, 2016
Rafael Manjavacas

Diario (previo) de un Festival Flamenco on Fire


"To go north" to experience a flamenco festival is now a viable alternative.  Flamenco on Fire has conscientiously prepared an incredible global program to delight locals and visitors who are coming to the city in search of the best flamenco. They will also find a great city, internationally known for its running of the bulls, and will stroll at midday through the streets, hear and see flamenco on the balconies featuring artists such as Diego del Morao, Pepe Habichuela, Montse Cortés and Guadiana, among many others, while more than 20 restaurants will offer their 'Pintxo Sabicas'.  People can also sign up for a flamenco class, see an exhibition, flamenco films, enjoy the major concerts at the Teatro Gayarre and the Baluarte, before closing the night with Flamenco Nocturno being offered at the Tres Reyes Hotel, transformed into the best flamenco tablao.

A Flamenco Festival open to the city, permanently dedicated to the maestro Sabicas, with this edition especially dedicated to the maestro Juan Habichuela, who sadly left us in early July.

The day-by-day preview of a 360º festival

The inauguration is set for August 24th at the legendary Teatro Gayarre with Arcángel y las Voces Búlgaras "Estruna" at 9:00pm.  Later in the evening, Diego del Morao "En Concierto" will offer a solo guitar recital, something very difficult to see nowadays, as few festivals dare to use this format.

The following day, August 25th, flamenco opens up to the city, on the balconies of Mañueta street –Diego del Morao-, the Town Hall balcony –Jerónimo Maya & Juan Salazar-, balcony of the Hotel La PerlaMontse Cortés & Eduardo Cortés-. In the afternoon, Arcángel will give a workshop on Fandangos de Huelva at the Civican Caja Navarra and Farruquito, his master class at the Cuarto Corralillos. At 4:30pm, there will be a talk by Antonio Parra “Baile jondo, memoria de la belleza humana” at the conference hall of the Baularte. At Casa Sabicas at 9:00pm, “Flamencos de Navarra” in which local flamenco artists will perform. At night, rhythm guru Diego Carrasco & Family, will fill the Hotel Tres Reyes with their art, with none other than Tomasito as guest artist.

August 26th, a stroll through the city in search of ‘Pintxos Sabicas’ to eat, you will be able to find Jerónimo Maya, Montse Cortés and even Arcángel with Dani de Morón on the above-mentioned balconies. It's not going to be quite like the crowds for San Fermín, but it's still a good idea to get your spot ahead of time. In the afternoon, Jerónimo Maya gives his guitar workshop at Casa Sabicas.  And a lecture? Yes, at 4:30pm by José Manuel Gómez "Gufi" who will talk about “Flamenco y jazz… ¿y ahora que?”. At 9:00pm, you can see Farruquito, the king of gypsy dance in “Farruquito y familia” on the main stage of the Baularte. Esperiences one can't afford to miss.  At night, Alba Molina will bring back the repertoire of “Lole y Manuel” at the Hotel Tres Reyes, and magic is bound to take shape.

August 27th, 4th day of the festival, Saturday, midday, sunglasses on and a stroll through the city to find Pepe Luis Carmona & Carlos de Jacoba on a balcony of Mañueta street, Guadiana & Jerónimo Maya on the balcony of City Hall and Alba Molina & Joselito Acedo on the balcony of the Hotel La Perla. And don't forget, with three Pintxos Sabicas, it's like a meal, although you might feel like four or even five. In the afternoon, Ané Carrasco will offer a workshop of Flamenco Cajón at the Casa Sabicas. The day's conference will be given by Carlos Aguilar and is titled “Cine y Flamenco. Un siglo al compás”. At 9:00pm at the Sala Zentral,  “Mju:zik” with Ariadna Castellanos y Ed is dead, an encounter of classical, electronic, flamenco and jazz music. Later in the night, flamenco dancing with Belén Maya, at the Hotel Tres Reyes.

Closing day, August 28th, midday and...sunglasses? it's the least we can hope for on a Sunday, although you wouldn't expect to find Pepe Habichuela playing on a balcony, but he'll be on the balcony of Mañueta street, Pepe Luis Carmona & Carlos de Jacoba at City Hall and Guadiana & Jerónimo Maya on the balcony of the Hotel la Perla. Joaquín Albaicín will offer the conference “Camelamos naquerar” Miguel Alcobendas. There will also be a roundtable discussion about flamenco guitar titled “La guitarra. De Sabicas a Juan Habichuela” with Pepe Habichuela, Jerónimo Maya, Gufi, Tío Selín and Velázquez Gaztelu.  And another of the greats,  Vicente Amigo, flamenco guitar, 9:00pm at the Baluarte, another high point of the festival. Then wrap it all up at 11:30pm at the tablao of the Hotel Tres Reyes with Sacromonte, Juan Andrés Maya, Iván Vargas & Alba Heredia. All a dream?...perhaps...

That's how it's going to be, and we'll be there to report on every single minute, assuming it's not just a dream, although it's always better to live through it, which is why the Spanish train system is offering a 35% discount.  All set to go, Pamplona is waiting for you.

Detailed information at the Festival's web http://www.flamencoonfire.org/