Centro Cultural Flamenco de Madrid


The Centro  Cultural Flamenco de Madrid offers the chance to enjoy traditional flamenco with singing, dancing and guitar in an intimate venue without the distraction of food and drink, without amplification, and with limited capacity that allows optimum visibility of the stage from every seat.  It’s a comfortable elegant concept in a small climate-controlled atmosphere, accessible for people with reduced mobility.

New on the Madrid flamenco scene, but with more than twenty years of experience at La Casa de la Memoria de Sevilla, one of the best flamenco tablaos of Andalucía, which is why they know the audience’s preferences, the most traditional staging and the importance of intimacy in a flamenco show that is vibrant and full of emotion.



Every evening, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, the Centro presents a show at its flamenco tablao with the participation of the best flamenco artists Madrid has to offer, under the title “Lorca Poeta Flamenco”, an in-house production based on the poems of Primeras Canciones and Poema del Cante Jondo of the universal Granada poet Federico García Lorca.

In addition to the shows, the Centro has an interesting cultural program related to flamenco.  At the Centro there are stories, book and record presentations, flamenco fashion shows, art and photography exhibits, etc.

Datos de contacto

Centro Cultural Flamenco Madrid

Centro Cultural Flamenco de Madrid
Calle Conde de Xiquena 6
Metro Chueca/Colón
28005 Madrid – España

Centro Cultural Flamenco de Madrid

Capacity: 50 personas
Show: 25,00 €
Show times: 18:00 & 19:30 h
Lenght: 1h

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