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From May 20th to 25th, 2008 at the CCCB in Barcelona
May 30, 2008

15 Festival Ciutat Vella"Carama" in reference to the name "caramelos", Spanish for "sweets", is the title of this edition of the Ciutat Vella festival devoted to cante.

Singers Terremoto, Torta, Pele and Montse Cortés are the stars from Wednesday to Saturday at 10:00pm at the Pati de los Dones of Barcelona?s Centro de Cultura Contemporánea. On the same stage at 11:00pm, dance takes over with La Farruca, Hiniesta Cortés, Rafaela Carrasco and Carmen Cortés with their respective groups.

In the Hall of the CCCB, rumba catalana groups like Gertrudis, Guadalquivir, Ai, Ai, Ai and Los Manolos will perform, and we?ll have the opportunity to enjoy, in a reduced format, music interpreted by guitarists Juan Manuel Cañizares, Agustín Carbonell "El Bola" and José Antonio Rodríguez.

Throughout the week, Barcelona will be the focus of attention for flamenco?s avant-garde with performances, conferences, book presentations and the showing of flamenco documentaries thanks to the 1st Festival Audiovisual de Flamenco Ciutat Vella called P?ALUCINE, a festival created in order to support and award audiovisual creativity related to the art of flamenco.

At the Sala Llantiol, in collaboration with the Hipersons Club, a unique concert will be presented, as well as the award ceremony of the winners of P?ALUCINE.


  • Tuesday 20:
    • HALL - Guadalquivir con la colaboración de Perico Sambeat a las 21h
    • HALL - Gertrudis a las 22h
  • Wednesday 21:
    • HALL - Cañizares a las 20h
    • Pati de de les Dones. Montse Cortés, La Farruca
    • HALL - Aiaiai a las 24h

    Review and photos
  • Thursday 22:
    • HALL - José Antonio Rodriguez a las 20h
    • Pati de les Dones. Manuel Moreno “El Pele”, Carmen Cortés
    • HALL - Papawa a las 24h

  • Review and photos and videos

  • Friday 23:
    • HALL - Suk a las 20h
    • Pati de les Dones. Juan Moneo “El Torta”, Hiniesta Cortés
    • HALL - Rumba Amazigha a las 24h

  • Review, photos and videos
  • Saturday 24:
    • HALL - Cía. Manuela ‘FLAMENK’ (ESPECTÁCULO INFANTIL) a las 12h - Entrada libre
    • HALL - Agustín Carbonell “El Bola” a las 20h
    • Pati de les Dones - Fernando Terremoto, Rafaela Carrasco
    • HALL - Los Manolos a las 24

  • Review and photos

Terremoto El Torta El Pele Montse Cortés
Terremoto El Torta El Pele Montse Cortés
Farruca Hiniesta Cortes Rafaela Carrasco Carmen Cortes
Farruca Hiniesta Cortés Rafaela Carrasco

Carmen Cortés

Cañizares Jose A. Rodriguez El Bola
Juan Manuel Cañizares José A. Rodríguez Agustin Carbonel "El Bola"

Drama, celebration, gaiety, depth?the voices will all be heard through the mystery of "Carama".

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