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Rocío Márquez & Lole Montoya, the voices of two generations

Last night at the "Catedral del Cante" in La Unión, two voices from two generations, Rocío Márquez in a recital of classic flamenco, and Lole Montoya interpreting pieces that identified an era, shared the stage.
August 6, 2017
Photos & video: Rafael Manjavacas

The evening was opened by Rocío Márquez, well-known to the people of La Unión since having won the Lámpara Minera in 2013, in addition to all the first prizes in the category: tarantas, fandangos mineros, levanticas and cantes abandolaos.

One of the most versatile flamenco artists, on this occasion she offered a recital of classic flamenco, accompanied by the “Mellis”, and Miguel Ángel Cortés on guitar, putting aside her latest and most experimental work reflected in her recording “Firmamento”, presented several days earlier in the neighboring city of Cartagena.

She began with guajira, followed by serrana, abandolao forms and tangos.  The Mellis left the stage leaving the Huelva singer alone with the guitar of maestro Cortés who accompanied her in peteneras.  Next she offered a Cordoban romance, recited and sung.  This was followed by tarantos and an interpretation of the Elegía a Ramón Sijé in mining forms.

The audience was moved by her siguiriyas dedicated to the people of La Unión, “and the friends of Malacete and the Mesa Café”.  Following an enormous ovation the audience gave when she said her goodbyes standing at the edge of the stage, and without amplification, she sang fandangos that delighted everyone at the Catedral and triggered an explosion of applause.

After the good impression left by the Huelva singer, Lole Montoya appeared on stage, her first appearance in many years. Numerous followers of the duo Lole and Manuel showed up drawn by nostalgia for the era.  The singer, accompanied by Juan Carmona and Juan José Suárez on guitar and Lucky Losada on percussion, interpreted some of the songs with which the team created the basis for what came to be known as “new flamenco” in the 1970s.  Lole began with “Cuento para mi Niño”, followed by “Dime” and alegrías. “Tangos Canasteros”, “Tu Presencia” and “Cabalgando” were other legendary pieces from the couple’s repertoire the singer revived.  With the audience enthralled, Lole sang the immensely popular “Nuevo Día”, and encouraged people to sing along in “Todo es de Color”.  And to close out the night, “Romero Verde”.





Rocío Márquez

Rocío Márquez & Miguel Ángel Cortés

Rocío Márquez con Miguel Ángel Cortés & Los Mellis


Lole Montoya en el Cante de las Minas

Lole Montoya & Paquete

Juan Carmona, Lole Montoya, Paquete, Lucky Losada