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Young singers, great singers. García Lorca Sala in Madrid throughout February

During the month of February, the García Lorca Sala of the Fundación Casa Patas is presenting young singers Gema Caballero, El Falo, Pedro El Granaíno and Rocío Márquez.
February 7, 2014

Four up-and-coming artists in the world of flamenco: the finely-tuned voice of Gema Caballero with echoes of Enrique Morente and the guitar of Luis Mariano, the knowledge and flamenco feeling of Falo with Flavio Rodrígues, the extraordinary depth and rich voice of Pedro el Granaíno with Juan Requena and the luminous sound of Rocío Márquez reminiscent of Pepe Marchena with the guitar of Manuel Herrera.


GEMA CABALLERO, Granada singer

Gema Caballero was born in Granada.  From early on she began to learn flamenco singing at the dance schools in her city, which was her first learning experience.  She has participated in various festivals and shows, sharing the bill with young Granada artists of her generation such as Estrella Morente and Marina Heredia.

Gema Caballero


El Falo, singer

Rafael Jiménez, “Falo”, gypsy singer.  Born in Oviedo in 1964.  His mother was a flamenco dancer who worked with the Príncipe Gitano, and flamenco was a natural part of the family.

His first professional engagements were at the Enrique Morente flamenco club in his hometown, until poet Félix Grande accorded him a grant to attend a course of flamencology at the University of Madrid.  From then on, he became a full-fledged flamenco singer.


PEDRO EL GRANAINO – Flamenco singer

Pedro Heredia Reyes was born in Granada in 1973.  From a family of gypsies, flamenco singing was a part of his life from the very beginning, and he was directly formed by that hands-on contact with the world of flamenco.

Pedro el Granaíno

ROCÍO MÁRQUEZ. Cantaora de Huelva

Winner of the Lámpara Minera from La Unión in 2008

Born in Huelva September 29th, 1985.  As a small child she already sang, but it was at the age of 9 when she began to study at the Huelva flamenco club.  She has won many prizes for singing the fandangos de Huelva of her hometown.

Rocío Márquez

Sala García Lorca of the Casa Patas Fundación Conservatorio. Reservations 91 429 84 71