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XI Festival SUMA FLAMENCA of the Madrid Community

From June 15th to July 3rd at the Teatros del Canal, Auditorio de Pozuelo, Café Berlín, Casa Museo Lope de Vega, Museo Lázaro Galdiano, Museo del Traje, Centro Cultural Paco Rabal, La Cabrera, Real Coliseo Carlos III de San Lorenzo del Escorial, among other venues.
May 12, 2016

A new era is beginning for the most important flamenco festival organized by Madrid, under the direction of dancer and choreographer Aída Gómez who has put together a program for the 11th edition with concerts, master-classes and conferences among other activities.

Presentación SUMA FLAMENCA 2016

From June 15th to July 3rd, the Suma Flamenca Festival will be back to turn the city of Madrid into Europe's center of flamenco, bringing the latest singers, musicians and dancers with the biggest international projection via a program that breaks with convention.  For three weeks the Madrid Community will receive the most ground-breaking and interesting flamenco productions of the national panorama with a diversity of styles, starring well-known interpreters with long careers.

Vicente Amigo will be opening the Festival at the Sala Roja of the Teatros del Canal on June 15th, a venue which will also receive singer Mayte Martín with her "Cosas de Dos", Carmen Linares and El Pele, Estrella Morente (with guest artist Rafael Riqueni) and the dancing of Farruquito with "Improvisao".

Vicente Amigo

The Green Room  of the Teatros of the Canal will be for smaller scale shows such as Dorantes with Marina Heredia, dancers Karime Amaya and José Maya, Juan de Juan, Manuel Liñán with "Reversible", winner of the Critics' Choice award at the last Festival de Jerez, Eduardo Guerrero, Pastora Galván and Antonio Molina "El Choro".

Presentación SUMA FLAMENCA 2016

Also at the Teatros del Canal, there will be various master-classes with Jorge Pardo, el Entri, Lucky Losada and PirañaFarruquito with also give a master class at the Teatro Real.

The new Café Berlín will be the setting for more nitty-gritty offerings with a variety of shows starring Juan Carmona, the Rubio family, Jorge Pardo and Lin Cortes, the Porrinas and a Jam Session.

Another important venue is the Sala Berlanga that will host recitals by Josemi Carmona and Javier Colina who are presenting their most recent project "De Cerca", flamenco singer Jesús Méndez and instrumentalist Juan Parrilla.

Other places that will have shows are the Museo del Traje, the casa Museo Lope de Vega, the Museo Lázaro Galdiano and the Centro Cultural Paco Rabal in Vallecas.

In outlying towns of Madrid province there will also be flamenco shows such as at the Real Coliseo Carlos III of the Escorial, at the Auditorio de Pozuelo de Alarcón and La Cabrera.



Complete program - SUMA FLAMENCA 2016