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Esteban Guerrero "Caracolillo" winner of the "Silla de Oro" contest of La Fortuna

The singer from Cádiz won the prestigious prize "Silla de Oro" in the most recent edition of the contest that was held last week in La Fortuna in Leganés, Madrid.
February 3, 2016
Text, photos & video: Rafael Manjavacas

Out of a total of 42 contestants, 20 were selected in semifinals the 26th through the 29th of January.  The final was celebrated on January 30th with the participation of Anabel Rodríguez Rosado, who won the Silla de Bronce, Amparo Reyes Heredia "La Rempompilla", the Silla de Plata, and Esteban Guerrero, "Caracolillo", who was first-prize winner for the Silla de Oro in this edition of 2016.

The list of winners also includes the name of Josefina Colmenero who won the prize for Cantes Poco Interepretados (little-sung cantes).

Silla de Oro - Esteban Guerrero

The day of the finals, January 30th, began with the presentation of the institutional prize, the 5th Distinción Flamenca Ángel Lacalle for singer María Vargas for her long career in flamenco. The prize was presented by flamencologist, Manuel Ríos Ruiz, with the reading of a verse he wrote dedicated to the singer. María Vargas was deeply grateful for this recognition from Madrid where she has been living for many years.

Anabel Rodríguez Rosado from Los Palacios (Seville) sang Soleá, Cantiñas and Fandangos accompanied on guitar by El Niño del Fraile. She was awarded the Silla de Bronce.

Anabel Rodríguez Rosado


Málaga singer Amparo Reyes “La Repompilla” accompanied on guitar by Kiki Corpas was noteworthy with Tangos of her aunt, Repompa de Málaga. The jury awarded her the Silla de Plata.

Amparo Reyes La Repompilla



Cádiz singer Esteban Guerrero Aragón “Caracolillo” won the highest prize, the “Silla de Oro”, singing por Soleá, Seguiriya and Bulerías accompanied on guitar by Manuel Jero.

Esteban Guerrero "Caracolillo"



In the second part of the gala, while awaiting the jury's decision, dancer choreographer José Maldonado presented his dance show with the singing of Trini de la Isla and David Vázquez, the guitar of Pino Losada and the jaleos, palmas, compás and dancing of Vanesa Coloma.

José Maldonado

José Maldonado

Vanesa Coloma


The fiesta finale, before the prizes were awarded, featured the singing of María Vargas, invited on-stage by José Maldonado, which made a fine ending for this edition of the “Silla de Oro” contest which for many years has filled an important spot in the flamenco calendar, and brings life to the little neighborhood of La Fortuna in the city of Leganés situated south of Madrid.

María Vargas