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Zambomba Flamenca at the Teatro La Latina in Madrid

Without a doubt, THE Christmas show is the Zambombas Flamencas, for third year in a row "Zambomba Flamenca" is returning to the La Latina Theater December 19th to 30th, with well-known Jerez artists such as Diego Carrasco and Tomasito.
December 19, 2016

In last year’s edition the sign of “Sold Out” was put up night after night.  A show with singing, dancing, palmas and jaleos, with thematic Christmas flamenco pieces, tangos bulerías and rumbas, many of them from the CD “Madroños al Niño” recorded last year by performers from the show.

In addition to Diego Carrasco and Tomasito, the cast includes top-notch people, Curro Carrasco -Navajita Platea-, Fernando Soto, María Terremoto, Naike Ponce, Chelo Pantoja, Lincy Fernández, Maloko Soto, Jesús Núñez, Diego Villegas, Lucky Losada, Miguel Téllez, Raquela Soblechero and Encarni Benítez.

Zambomba Flamenca Teatro La Latina

Video: Tomasito “Madroños al niño” at the press presentation of Zambomba Flamenca.




Photos of the presentation:

Zambomba Flamenca Teatro La Latina

Zambomba Flamenca Teatro La Latina

The origin of the Zambomba goes back to the 18th century, coinciding with the time right before Christmás.  The patios of the most flamenco neighborhoods of Jerez would see gatherings of people around a bonfire where they would enjoy the typical food and drink of the season, and share traditional songs of the season.  And so the tradition has survived to our time.  An authentic flamenco fiesta as in the past, with the singing of villancicos to the sound of the instrument called the zambomba, accompanied by guitar, tambourines and anisette bottles used for percussion.

A Zambomba Flameca is a show for all audiences, whether flamenco fans or not, including a large number of foreigners who come to these events to enjoy the most authentic music of our country.  This Zambomba has everything, flamenco, Christmas and culture, all in one.


Teatro de la Latina  - 19 to 30 of December


  • December 19, 20, 21, 22: 8:30pm
  • December 23: 20:30h y 23:00h
  • December 26, 27, 28, 29 y 30: 10:30pm


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