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The Festival del Cante de las Minas gets underway with Flamenco Roots

The internationalization of the festival is this year?s motto, and with that objective in mind, a group of musicians from Rajasthan, India joined forces with flamenco musicians to open the 53rd edition.
August 4, 2013

Poet Antonio Lucas’ keynote speech, and performances by last year’s contest winners rounded out the opening night of the festival.

Minas Flamenco Tour

The official internationalization of the project which the Festival del Cante de las Minas is carrying out abroad, Las Minas Flamenco Tour, got the audience to their feet with the fusion of flamenco and Rajasthani cultures.  La Unión and Jodhpur, with the world premiere of Flamenco Roots, cemented the link and shortened distances by way of music.
The group, made up of ten musicians, four Rajathanis with one dancer, and four flamencos with one dancer, interpreted a novel repertoire with one minera (“Minas de Almas Sepultan”), a Rajasthani piece, a composition of bulerías titled “Cante de las Minas”, a siguiriya, bulerías ending with soleá and a fiesta finale of bulerías.

Before the performance of Flamenco Roots, Antonio Lucas’ speech was also a journey to the origins of flamenco that inspire this Madrid poet who aimed to reflect everything flamenco suggests to him, and the emotions it arouses.  “To come to La Unión to say out loud what flamenco means to me, is quite brash.  People should come to La Unión only to listen, to remain silent while others cast light and shadow upon the illuminated backdrop of the night”.

Jesus Carmona

The evening finished, as in other years, with the performance of the winners of last year’s contest, Ricardo Fernández del Moral (Lámpara Minera) who continues to surprise people with his ability to accompany himself in a range of cantes, dancer Jesús Carmona (Desplante) and Óscar de Manuel (Filón) accompanied by a group of exceptional musicians.  Last year the Bordón Minero went unawarded, so Antonio Muñoz (Bordón Minero, 1989), also part of Flamenco Roots, presented his new work which has been released on a recent recording.

Special 53th Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas 2013