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Suma Flamenca of Madrid at the Teatros del Canal

Three cante recitals, six dance shows, a flamenco workshop and an exhibit for the second week of the festival.
June 12, 2015

José Mercé opens the week at the Teatros del Canal. Arcángel and Rocío Marquez complete the cante portion of the festival, while Lola Greco, Antonio Canales and Olga Pericet will present their new shows in Madrid.

José Mercé

The Sala Roja of the Teatros del Canal is the main venue for these days, and will host five shows. It will begin with José Mercé, Íntimo y flamenco, in which he will go through the purest flamenco singing he has presented throughout his long career, after the recent presentation of the compilation record that includes his best songs. He will be accompanied on guitar by Manuel Parrilla.

The second encounter of the week will be at the same time on Wednesday the 10th. Flamenco 5 Estrellas will be seen in Spain for the first time, bringing together five great dancers.  Lola Greco, Jesús Carmona, Karime Amaya, Sergio Bernal and Ana Arroyo, under the direction of Ricardo Cué, who will develop a journey through the art of Spanish and flamenco dance with their diverse styles, from the purest roots, right up to the 21st century.

Arcángel and Rocío Márquez, flamenco knowledge and innovation

Halfway through the week, the voice of Arcángel will delight audiences with the singer's deep knowledge and respect for the origins of flamenco, along with his tireless quest for new rhythms. In Olor a tierra he will evoke childhood memories of Huelva with the guitars of Miguel Ángel Cortés and Dani de Morón, the percussion of Agustín Diassera and the choral work of Los Mellis. The encounter is scheduled for Thursday the 11th, at 8:30pm.

The voice of Rocío Márquez will offer another fine recital: El Niño. The singer will lay out her excellent work devoted to El Niño de Marchena, Pepe Marchena. Those who have heard her speak of magical sounds. She performs on Friday the 12th, accompanied by Pepe Habichuela and Manuel Herrera on guitar, Raúl Cantizano on electric guitar, Antonio Montiel on percussion, Niño de Elche on vocals and los Mellis marking the compás.

The dancing of Olga Pericet and Antonio Canales rounds out the week

Madrid dancer Olga Pericet will present Pisadas for the first time in Madrid, in which she creates a women's universe that breaks preconceived ideas with body language and choreography that confirms the work of this versatile artist. Tacha Gonzáles and Juan Carlos Lérida will dance with her, with the voices of Herminia Borja, Miguel Lavi and Miguel Ortega, on Saturday the 13th at the same time.

On Sunday the 14th, at 7:30pm, the maestro Antonio Canales will present Una moneda de dos caras. This profound sober work is a sincere self-portrait in which Canales brings his many talents to the surface, tinged with the knowledge that comes with many years of profession. Mónica Fernández will accompany him with her dancing, El Galli on cante, Paco Iglesias and Ramón Santiago on guitar, and Luki Losada on percussion.

Throughout the week, the vestibule of the Sala Roja of the Teatros del Canal will display an interesting collection of drawings by the French artist David Vaamonde. Flamenco con Tinta China includes 20 drawings on white cardboard in which the artist's personal vision of flamenco can be appreciated.

At the Centro de Danza Canal (Teatros del Canal), for the fifth consecutive year, a flamenco workshop for teachers will be offered. The project is the work of the Fundación Antonio Gades directed by the dancer and pedagogue Silvia Marín. The duration of the course is 9 horas and will be given from Friday the 12th to Sunday the 14th.