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Festival Flamenco in Berlín 2014

From November 30th to December 7th, artists Belén Maya, Dorantes, Leonor Leal and Rosario Tremendita participate in this edition.
November 4, 2014

Berlin returns to the international flamenco circuit with a multidisciplinary festival.  The goal is to again give this city a flamenco festival with the high standards required in the cultural capitals of the world.

The Berlin Flamenco Festival is opting for contemporary flamenco, and it will be offered at several venues.  The Academia de las Artes (Adk) features the Company of Belén Maya and pianist Dorantes with dancer Leonor LealBelén Maya this year reaches thirty years as professional artist, being a leader of avant-garde flamenco dance from the first moment.  Belén Maya was recently recognized with the Critics' Prize of the Festival de Jerez, the most important event of its kind in the world. 

Dorantes continues to open new expressive paths for the flamenco piano.
At the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes, Rosario la Tremendita, singer, composer and one of the major innovators of current flamenco singing will perform.  She is presenting her recording Fatum, nominated for the Latin Grammy for Best Flamenco Music in 2013.  The program of performances will be rounded out with guitarist Antón Jiménez and the show Berlin in Flamenco, a production of flamencoArt Berlin, under the direction of Michael Schuldt.  This show, which showcases the most noteworthy local flamenco artists, relives the history and development of flamenco in Berlín.

In addition to the main program, there will be a series of complementary activities such as films, workshops, roundtables and two exhibits with live painting performance with the artist Patricio Hidalgo.


Sunday 30 November, 5:00pm, Instituto Cervantes Berlín

Festival Inauguration

Exhibit Trazos de Arte Flamenco by Patricio Hidalgo

ROSARIO LA TREMENDITA, presents FATUM – Inaugural concert (cante,guitar and piano).

Followed by an encounter with the artists, and complimentary wine.

Monday 1 December, 8:00pm, Flamencostudio Amparo de Triana

Homenaje a Mario Maya with Manuel Moraga and Amparo de Triana.

Followed by exhibit and performance by Patricio Hidalgo
Tuesday 2 December 7:00pm, Instituto Cervantes Berlín

GUITARRA DE PALO (documentary, 64 min.), with Jerry González, Lola
Greco, Raimundo Amador, Antón Jiménez, Jorge Pardo, Antonio Serrano,
Rafita Jiménez. A film by Andrea Zapata-Girau and Antón Jiménez.
Followed by a talk by Antón Jiménez
Tuesday 2 December 9:00pm, Instituto Cervantes Berlín

ANTÓN JIMÉNEZ in concert (guitar)

Thursday 4 December, 9:00pm Instituto Cervantes Berlín

Produced by: flamencoArt Berlin. Director: Michael Schuldt
Friday, 5 December, 9:00pm, Instituto Cervantes Berlín

Flamenco: the creative process. Transformation. Colaboration.
Roundtable discussion with BELÉN MAYA, moderated by Susanne Zellinger (Revista ¡Anda!),
Saturday, 6 December, 8:00pm Akademie der Künste – Studio 1, Hanseatenweg

Company of BELÉN MAYA: Invitados
Followed by an encounter with the artists.
Sunday, 7 December, 7pm Akademie der Künste – Studio 1, Hanseatenweg

DORANTES, piano with LEONOR LEAL, dance
Followed by an encounter with the artists.



3, 4 and 5 December, 6:00-8:00pm, Instituto Cervantes Berlín

Workshop of flamenco dance with BELÉN MAYA

4 and 5 December, 6:00-8:00pm, Instituto Cervantes Berlín

Flamenco guitar workshop with ANTÓN JIMÉNEZ

Festival Flamenco Berlín 2014