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'Fedra' debuts in Madrid

The classic work adapted to flamenco arrives at the Teatros del Canal. Starring Lola Greco with music by Enrique Morente and choreography by Javier Latorre. The director is Miguel Narros.
January 14, 2010

text: Violeta Palomo

The Teatros del Canal of Madrid are presenting the show Fedra (Phaedra) from January 13th to 31st.  These theaters continue to be devoted to serving the public.  On this occasion, they are bringing Lola Greco, Spain’s most recent winner of the National Dance Prize, and a wonderful group of dancers including Amador Rojas as Hipólito, Alejandro Granados as Teseo and Carmelilla Montoya as Ama.  There is also an excellent corps de ballet full of youthful talent.  The dancers will interpret the music of Enrique Morente under the direction of Miguel Narros who have both worked with Javier Latorre in the choreography.

Javier Latorre, Lola Greco, Miguel Narros (photo: Rafael Manjavacas)

The work is constructed as an actual flamenco opera, combining recited texts with sung parts and the music of Morente, perfect for ballet and integrated as in a symphony.  Greco considers the first part freer, with a soleá por bulería, moving into a second part which is more profound and contains tarantos and ends with a dramatic petenera.

This was a special challenge for the choreographer who also participated in Media, also under the direction of Miguel Narros.  Javier appears to be very satisfied with the results, and with Lola Greco whom he considers the best interpreter of Spanish dance, as well as the best creator, Enrique Morente, not to mention director Narros.

Lola Greco promises a straightforward interpretation with great character and elegance, and has said she is anxious to get to know this theater.  Her work is dedicated to dancer Manuela Vargas, the first flamenco dancer to interpret a classic tragedy in flamenco, Medea.

Fedra premiered at the Teatro Albéniz twenty years ago, and Enrique Morente sang it back then.  This venue couldn’t be more different, and the change between scenes is very great.  Oddly enough, the stage decoration is based entirely on lighting which creates different feelings and emotions.

photo: Teatros del Canal

Teatros del Canal
C/ Cea Bermudez, 1

January 13th to 31st

Tickets - http://www.entradas.com/entradas/comprar-fedra