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Dorantes & Renaud García-Fons present "Paseo a Dos"

Dorantes and Renaud García-Fons, internacionally recognized and acclaimed musicians, after five years of collaboration, now bring us this new record made live in Seville.
December 7, 2015

PASEO A DOS is a virtuoso recording that journeys from jazz to flamenco.

If you follow paths never before traveled, you cannot help but arrive where no one has arrived before.  You can also come across other travelers, alchemists and virtuosos, inspired by the same desire to sublimate their art.  Renaud García-Fons and Dorantes are, both of them, of this caliber; their transcendental collaboration was inevitable and it is an immense privilege to be witness to it.  Music born under the sun, fed by the entire flamenco patrimony, a generous range of rhythmic landscapes, evocative melodies that bring the spirit of the flow and serenity of the great river.  Power and sensuality, pure emotion brilliantly distilled by this outstanding duo.

Michel Perrier


Dorants & Renaud Garcia-Fons