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Beatriz Romero, Silla de Oro 2012

Beatriz Romero, winner of the Silla de Oro 2012, in La Fortuna - Leganés. December 16th, 2012
December 17, 2012
Photos & videos: Rafael Manjavacas

The final round of the Silla de Oro flamenco singing contest for 2012 has its winners. Finalists Evaristo Cuevas and Rafael Calderón both from Seville, and Beatriz Romero from Huelva. The three of them vied for the highest prize, the "Silla de Oro 2012" which in the end went to Beatriz Romero who was awarded a trophy and 3,500 euros, as well as the special prize for seldom-heard cantes for another 700,000 euros and trophy.

Second prize, and 1,600 euros and "Silla de Plata" was conceded to Rafael Calderón. And the third prize of 1,000 euros and "Silla de Bronce" went to Evaristo Cuevas who is turning into a fine singer.

At the end of the contest while the judges deliberated, dancer Francisco Hidalgo from Algodonales (Cádiz), offered his performance with the cante of El Trini and Vicente Gelo, and guitarists Jesule Núñez and Miguel Pérez. Photos and videos of their show will be published shortly.