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"Silla de Oro" Singing Contest 2013, La Fortuna - Leganés (Madrid)

This week the rules and guidelines of the flamenco singing contest ?Silla de Oro? 2013 were made public. The competition will be held in the La Fortuna neighborhood of Leganés south of Madrid in the month of December.
October 18, 2013

We have been informed by Juan José Gil Sánchez of the Asociación Cultural Cante Jondo, organizer of the contest, that this year, due to budget cuts, there will be no preliminary study days.  The Concurso de Cante Flamenco Silla de Oro will be maintained, and hopefully the preliminary days can be recuperated in coming years.

Juan José Gil encourages flamenco fans to participate in the contest as a way of supporting flamenco, and to keep the level of winners as high as possible.

The Silla de Oro contest will be held, as in other years, in the Fortuna District.

Concurso Cante Silla de Oro

The guidelines for participation can be downloaded in PDF format at the end of this article.