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XVII Jornadas Flamencas de la Fortuna y Silla de Oro 2010

December 20, 2010

17th Jornadas Flamencas de
La Fortuna-Silla de Oro 2010

December 13 – 19, 2010 - Leganés (Madrid)


Photos: Fidel Meneses
Video: Vicente Pérez Herrero

The seventeenth Jornadas Flamencas of La Fortuna, Silla de Oro had a fine closing night after seven days that covered many of the modern tendencies in flamenco.  Women were especially in the spotlight with the piano of Laura de los Ángeles on the first day, and guitarist Caroline Planté on the second, accompanied by cante, music, dance and percussion giving an interesting contemporary feel to La Fortuna.

Laura de los Ángeles
Carolina Planté

With regard to the contest, Isabel Guerrero Alarcón won the Silla de Oro and the prize for seldom sung cantes, while Seville singer José Manzano won the silver prize with his siguiriyas and Marta González Sevillano took the bronze.  Isabel Guerrero is a young singer from Fuengirola, daughter of a flamenco singer whom she supports and admires above all else, the great Barquerito, who is holder of the coveted Lámpara Minera.

Isabel Guerrero
Isabel Guerrero

American dancer Leilah Broukhim combined taste and sobriety, accompanied by an excellent group of singers and musicians.

Leilah Broukhim
Leilah Broukhim

The final night included a fine cante recital by Antonio Reyes with the guitar of Diego Amaya who got the numerous audience of the packed Ciudad Deportiva of La Fortuna applauding again and again during their performance and were called upon to do an encore.

Antonio Reyes & Diego Amaya
Maria Moreno

The second part was no less exciting with the fine dancer María Moreno, new in this area, who danced an old-style alegrías with bata de cola.  Antonio El Choro gave an equally fine performance with his high-quality masculine dancing.

Antonio Reyes & Diego Amaya
Maria Moreno

The festival left a good impression and turned the venue into a temple of flamenco music and dance.

Video Isabel Guerrero
[Tiempos difíciles films] -
Vicente Pérez Herrero

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