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Jesús Fernández "Gaditaneando" - Festival de Jerez

Jesús Fernández "Gaditaneando"
Sala Compañía
XX Festival de Jerez
March 4, 2016
Text: Estela Zatania
Photos: Ana Palma

Special 20 th  Festival de Jerez - All the information

Sala Compañía, 12 midnight

Dance, director and choreography: Jesús Fernández. Cante: Emilio Florido, Miguel Rosendo.  Guitar: Jesús Núñez. Percussion: Israel Mera "Katumba". Palmas: Anabel Moreno.

Localism is such an integral part of flamenco, it becomes a virtue.  The flavors and customs of each place make us smile with the warm glow of remembered experiences that make us want to shout out things like "¡Viva Cai!"  "Gaditaneando" is the project of dancer Jesús Fernández, winner of the prestigious La Unión prize in 2010, a true Cádiz native who, with this work, represents a compendium of the flavorful and distintive flamenco of his hometown.

Bulerías de Cádiz, followed by romance and pregón in the voice of an inspired Emilio Florido, siguiriyas, soleá de Cádiz face to face with Florido and another local treasure, Miguel Rosendo.  The classic dance of zapateado is included, with its characteristic "campanas" variation complete.  Tangos and tanguillo de Cádiz, an evocation of carnival, alegrías of course...  A musical melange with clear identity, conceived and interpreted by Jesús Fernández.

Jesús Fernández - Gaditaneando

Photo Gallery by Ana Palma