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Jesús Carmona Compay "Impetu's" - Festival de Jerez

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016. 9:00h, Teatro Villamarta, Jerez de la Frontera
March 5, 2016
Text: Estela Zatania
Photos: Ana Palma

Special 20th Festival de Jerez - All the information

Nostalgia and evolution, hand in hand

Tuesday, at the Festival de Jerez, at seven in the evening at the Sala Paúl, within the series Nuevas Miradas ('new outlooks'), we saw Alejandro Molinero and his company with the work "5 Colorantes", a mixture of flamenco, sevillanas, Spanish semi-classical, folklore and modern dance.  Seven women, Nazareth Martínez, Alba Aranzana, Lucía Padilla, Marina Sagardoy, Alba Expósito, Cristel Muñoz and Natalia Alcala, with the noteworthy singing of Natalia Garcia, the guitar of Fernando de la Rúa and the percussion of Javier Valdunciel interpreted this varied repertoire.



Dance: Jesús Carmona, Lucía Campillo, Tamara López, María Moreno, Ángel Reyes, Fernando Jiménez. Cante: Juan José Amador. Guitar: Daniel Jurado, Óscar Lago. Violin: Thomas Potirón. Percussion: Luky Losada. Choreography and director: Jesús Carmona. Music: Daniel Jurado, Óscar Lago.

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Jesús Carmona is from the rich crop of young Catalonian dancers.  His background, complete and admirable, is laced with prizes and important collaborations, giving him the credibility and preparation to stage a work of this dimension.

"Impetu's", the title of this creation, alludes to the famous composition of similar name of guitarist Mario Escudero.  This is the general thrust of the work, nostalgic stops along Carmona's career path, and which he has had the good taste to recreate without copying, thus adding his personal touch.

The first number, "Asturias", of Albéniz, is perfectly recognizable as such, while being new and fresh, an intelligent balance that breathes life into this well-known piece danced by Jesús with guitar and violin.

Once again, the excessive use of darkness and black, subtracts visual beauty.  It is a tendency generally commented in the international press, flamenco being a musical form full of life and energy.

Rafael Riqueni's taranta composition shines brightly with the dancing of three women, and tangos, with the participation of the entire company, employs contemporary choreography tinged with flamenco thanks to the rich voice of Juan José Amador.

The well-known music of "Ímpetu", in Oscar Lagos' version as indicated on the program, recalls the beauty of this piece which has probably never been danced before.  Another noteworthy moment is the mariana (lots of marianas in the Festival this year), danced with castanets, an accessory that is gradually making a comeback after years of semi disuse.

Siguiriya and martinete are rounded out by Juan José with toná liviana, leading into caña, a closing number that could have lasted half as long with double the effect.  And I wouldn't want to fail to mention Thomas Potirón who adds a background of violin with excellent flamenco taste.

Jesús Carmona - Impetú