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Javier Patino "Oro negro" Festival de Jerez

Javier Patino "Oro Negro"
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016. Jerez de la Frontera
Sala Paúl - XX Festival de Jerez
March 3, 2016
Text: Estela Zatania
Photos: Ana Palma

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Sala Paúl, 7:00h

Guitar: Javier Patino. Percussion: Cepillo, Raúl Botella. Sax: Diego Villegas. Chelo: José Luis López. Cante: Londro. Guest artists (cante): Macanita Jesús Méndez.

With great expectation, the audience filled the Sala Paúl for the presentation of "Oro Negro", the latest recording of Jerez guitarist, Javier Patino.

He is the classic complete guitarist as defined years ago by Sabicas who maintained that to be a flamenco concert guitarist, it was necessary to spend 20 years accompanying cante and dance.  Javier meets that quota handily, as reflected in his approach.  Knowledge, natural compás, musicality that straddles the contemporary and the classic, with compositions that always communicate a flamenco sound.

I saw him three years ago, and seven years ago at this same festival.  The solid technique, the intelligent use of alternative tuning and the good taste are still there.  There's been a process toward discreet modernization in keeping with the times, and probably in response to the wise influence of maestro Gerardo Núñez who last night was among the audience.

The special collaboration of guest singers, Macanita and Jesús Méndez, rounded out an impeccable recital.

Javier Patino - Festival de Jerez

Photo Gallery by Ana Palma