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Arcángel "Tablao"

Tour: Tablao. Cante: Arcángel. Guest artist: Vicente Redondo "El Pecas". Guitarists: Dani de Morón and Salvador Gutiérrez. Palmas and chorus: Los Mellis. Dance: Patricia Guerrero.
May 23, 2016
Text: Sara Arguijo
Photos: Adam Newby


A smorgasbord tablao

Not wanting to get involved in the debate, but it's paradoxical how strange it now is to be able to enjoy flamenco singing without microphones or amplification, is a thought that crosses my mind in the minutes just before a concert.  And that the price for attending this intimate offering in the patio of of Fundación Cajasol is 64 euros, with no dinner or drinks.  The idea was to recreate those historical venues, but without going overboard.

Arcángel Tablao

The Huelva singer realized his audience wanted to feel him at close range, facing the people and himself, as he declared, he felt the need to see the faces of the people who had come to see him. So everyone was happy.

From the moment Arcángel got into fandangos from the balcony of the patio, the 200 spectators present for the premiere of this tour in Seville, felt they were seeing something special and unique.  Not because they were surprised by the singer's ability, or the beauty of his sweet melodies, but because he felt up close, natural, and anxious to take risks and give of himself.

In this way, he went through part of the repertoire of the record of the same name with tangos, malagueñas, soleá por bulerías, sevillanas and cantiñas, along with the interpretations of the rest of the artists.  A superb Patricia Guerrero who once again demonstrated her natural elegance and uncommon strength.  Guitarists Dani de Morón and Salvador Gutiérrez were in top form, the latter having only recently joined the group.  The always delicate and precise Mellis.  And the discovery of Vicente Redondo El Pecas who was full of personality in his interpretation of rumbas and bulerías songs.

As we said, in the line-up, not the back-up, which also happens at tablaos, there was time to interject nearly all the roles, even to the point of hearing the sweet voice of Patricia Guerrero in sevillanas, or seeing Arcángel dance.  Even so, considering the objective, a more relaxed feeling was missing such as that which surrounded the live recording of the album.  However, the audience was delighted because this Arcángel has the truth in his vocal chords.

Arcángel Tablao - Patio Fundación Cajasol

Arcángel Tablao

Arcángel Tablao

Arcángel Tablao

Patricia Guerrero

Arcángel Tablao

Arcángel - Salvador Gutierrez

Arcángel - Dani de Morón

Arcángel & Patricia Guerrero