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Vicente Amigo opens the ninth edition of the London Flamenco Festival

The live presentation of Amigo’s recording "Paseo de Gracia" kicks off this series of shows that continues through February 19th at Sadler’s Wells.
February 8, 2012

Today begins the ninth editiion of the London Flamenco Festival, a program that will continue through February 19th, and which includes artists Manuela Carrasco, Compañía Olga Pericet, Carmen Cortés, Rafaela Carrasco, Gerardo Núñez, Compañía Antonio Gades, Rafael Amargo, José Mercé and La Shica.

But the person in charge of opening the series tonight at Sadler?s Wells is Vicente Amigo, the Seville guitarist with the Cordoban heart who will bring his most recent recorded work, Paseo de Gracia, to life.  Amigo has played for Camarón, Sting, Alejandro Sanza, Rosario, Manolo Sanlúcar, Khaled and Miguel Bosé and shared the stage with John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola and Milton Nascimento among many others.  In 1992 he took part in the concert Leyendas de Guitarra in Seville, along with Paco de Lucía, Keith Richards and Bob Dylan.  Since the release of his first record in 1991, Vicente Amigo has been considered one of the great creators of flamenco guitar, and his career has been on a constant upward-moving path with the most recent result being his much-awaited work Paseo de Gracia which marks the creative highpoint of this Andalusian musician.


Tuesday 7 February
Vicente Amigo with Paseo de Gracia at Sadler ´s Wells.

Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 February
Manuela Carrasco with Suspiro Flamenco at Sadler ´s Wells.

Friday 10 February
Compañía Olga Pericet with Rosa, Metal, Ceniza at Sadler ´s Wells.

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February
Gala Flamenca: with Carmen Cortés, Rafaela Carrasco, Olga Pericet at Sadler Wells.

Monday 13 February
Gerardo Núñez with Travesía, Carmén Cortés at Sadler Wells.

Tuesday 14 February
Compañía Antonio Gades with Fuenteovejuna at Sadler ´s Wells.

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 February
Rafael Amargo with  Poeta en Nueva York at Sadler ´s Wells.

Sunday 19 February
José Mercé with En Concierto at
Sadler´s Wells

Saturday 18 February
La Shica presents Supercop (co-produced with the Instituto Cervantes) at Lilian Baylys Theater.

Friday 8 February at  2pm ? Encounter with Carmén Cortés at Sadler?s Wells.
Monday 13 February at  5pm ? Destination Dance with Compañía Antonio Gades in the St. Pancras train station.
Monday 13 February at  6pm ? Dance workshop Fuenteovejuna with la Compañía Antonio Gades at Instituto Cervantes.
Friday 17 February at  2pm ? Encounter with the staff of Flamenco Festival at Sadler?s Wells.