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The exhibit "La Aurora de Morente" opens the second part of the tribute "Morente Más Morente"

The tribute show "Morente Más Morente" continues with more events from a variety of disciplines that were linked to the life of Enrique Morente, picking up again on Saturday February 15th though Tuesday the 25th.
February 15, 2014

More than 50 performers from the world of rock, pop, flamenco and other specialties will come together to revive the genius of Enrique Morente.

At the Riviera, Omega will be remembered with Eva Amaral, Bebe, Santiago Auserón and Loquillo among many other rock and pop stars.  More information and tickets.

The exhibit “La Aurora de Morente” at the Salón de los Balcones and Salón de Té of the Teatro Español can be visited February 15th to 25th, Tuesday to Saturday from 5:00pm to 7:15pm, and Sunday from 4:00pm to 6:30pm, with free entry.

Morente mas Morente

Also at the Teatro Español, actors and poets will give voice to Morente’s poetry February 24th and 25th at 8:00pm.  More information and tickets.

A photographic exhibit, “Donde Mana la Fuente. Enrique Morente” by Manuel Montaño at the Sala Berlanga of the SGAE can be visited beginning February 19th through March 30th.  The program “Duendeando” of Radio 3 will broadcast a live program from the Sala Berlanda at 8:00pm with free entrance.