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SERGIO MONROY In 'La Carbonería', Sevilla.

Saturday , November 1st, 2008 at 22:00 h.
October 29, 2008

The Cadiz-born pianist Sergio Monroy launches on November 1st his new album
Chicuco at La Carbonería in Sevilla, a city which those days plays host to the WOMEX

Sergio Monroy is described by critics as a sensational young flamenco-jazz pianist.

He will perform the compositions of his new album Chicuco (Bujío, 2008) in La Carbonería in Sevilla.

With Chicuco, Sergio Monroy steps further ahead in his musical career, offering a very complete work, astonishing in the sound maturity of its brave, daring style, very flamenco. For the pianist, Chicuco is an homage to his parents and to the memory of a childhood passed among the corner shops of his neighborhood and it pays tribute to everybody who lives far from his hometown, Cadix.

In this new album, Monroy shows us a radical change of style with outstanding compositions such as Chicuco, a surprising, cheery and very personal tanguillo, A4, a blended rumba, and Parte de mi, a buleria that might rescue from their homesickness the emigrants who left Cadix.

Monroy has been valued by the critics as the most outstanding figure among the new generation of young flamenco artists. His very personal style follows the paths of the new flamenco, a way of blending different styles with frequent references to jazz.

Monroys career began at an early age: at seventeen, the pianist performed his first open air concert at the Mentidero square in Cadix and his true debut came at twenty when he accompanied the famous flamenco singer Miguel Poveda in the Central Lechera theatre, also in Cadix, in 2000. Since then he has performed in many renowned theatres in Spain, from the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid to the Mercat de Musica Viva in Vic (Barcelona). He also has played at concerts in England, Netherlands, Germany and France.

His first album, called Monroy, was released in 2003. It already showed his interest in approaching flamenco and jazz and included appearances of celebrated singers such as Javier Ruibal and Miguel Poveda.

CHICUCO, by Sergio Monroy, sheds a new light on flamenco.In Monroys piano there is the ancient wisdom of Cadix flamenco and a deep respect for the folk songs as they were sung at the popular Mentidero square and where they were caught in the air by this fresh-minded flamenco artist, eager to renew his sound. Chicuco is how you call in Cadix the brisk boy from the northern coast who has come to the town to help out in the little corner shops, and Chicuco is how this young artist has called his work, where he lets glide his fingers along the open paths of melodies blended into each other. Its a true homage to his roots, to his father, to a lifestyle and a spirit. There is also a village in Mozambique and a valley in northern Mexico called Chicuco. And hes wise and humble enough to listen while hes working and melting together an universe of artistic influences: flamenco, jazz, Spanish folk music, Cuban son and other rhythms. The result is an exquisite dish for sensitive minds, the quintessence of the flamenco of the 21st century. Its called Chicuco and it contains the very personal voice of Sergio Monroys piano.