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New book, "Un Payo entre los flamencos" by Pablo San Nicasio

The presentation of the new book "Un Payo Entre los Flamencos" by journalist Pablo San Nicasio took place at the Madrid tablao Villa Rosa.
February 6, 2018
DeFlamenco; Photos: Paco Manzano (LiveMusicMadrid.com)


Our colleague’s new book centers on Humberto J. Wilkes, known among the flamenco community as “El Payo Humberto”, in which he recounts the Dutchman’s adventures among flamenco interpreters, before, during and after Spain’s political transition.  In the second part, the author gives biographical information of flamenco artists mentioned by el Payo.

The complete title of the book is: "Un Payo Entre los Flamencos. Memorias Castizas de Humberto J. Wilkes en el Madrid Flamenco de la Transición" [‘A non-gypsy among flamencos. The genuine memories of Humberto J. Wilkes in the Madrid flamenco circle of the Transition’], published by Editorial Mágina-Octaedro.

Here we see some photos from the presentation that included the presence of the author, of flamencologist Romualdo Molina and of “Payo Humberto” himself, with the commentaries of José Luis Ortiz Nuevo and Carmen Linares.

The morning wound up with the singing of Jesús Chozas, accompanied by the author of the book, and of Gregorio Moya accompanied by Humberto Wilkes.


Carmen Linares & Pablo San Nicasio & Romualdo Molina

Payo Humberto & Pablo San Nicasio & Romualdo Molina

Payo Humberto


Un payo entre los flamencos - (libro) - Payo Humberto