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The Seville school Taller Flamenco, devoted to the teaching of flamenco, is now 20 years old, and to celebrate the event, they have prepared a show with all the artists who teach at the school.
June 19, 2014

1.994 – 2.014. Taller Flamenco is 20 years old, and they are celebrating with a show put on by the artists who keep the institution running day by day.  The artists and teachers of the Taller Flamenco are participating in a unique and original show, created to be presented at the Festival of Mont de Marsan scheduled for the first week of July.

A preview performance will take place at the Museo del Baile Flamenco in Seville today, June 19th, and the official debut is July 5th, 2014 at the Festival Arte Flamenco in Mont de Marsan, France.

20 años - Taller Flamenco


Artistic cast:

Dance:     Lourdes Recio,  Lidia Valle, Carmen Rasero.
Cante:     Alicia Gil,  Ana Real (artista invitada).
Guitar:     Manuel Berraquero, Lito.
Palmas, compás:     Mariano Clavijo.
Percussion, cajón:     Antonio Montiel (GUEST ARTIST)
Free-form (multi-faceted artists):   Felipe Mato, El Pulga, El Gamba y Juan Paredes.
Choreography and Director:   Felipe Mato
Production:    Taller Flamenco.