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La Farruca and El Carpeta present Homenaje a los Grandes at Madrid's Fernán Gómez Theater

A tribute to the greats by La Farruca and El Carpeta at the Teatro Fernán Gómez, Centro Cultural de la Villa de Madrid
December 26, 2013

At the Sala Guirao, December 27, 28 and 29, 2013.
Friday and Saturday: 8:30pm
Sunday: 7:30pm


La Farruca returns to Madrid, after years without appearing in the city with a  show in which she is accompanied by the singing of Pedro Heredia and the dancing of her son, El Carpeta.

In this show La Farruca walks in the footsteps of the greats, following their same path but in reverse.  A journey to the heart of flamenco and its greatest splendor.  One by one, she comes face to face with them and pays tribute: Carmen Amaya, Niño Ricardo, Arturo Pavón, El Farruco, La Perla, Manolo Caracol y Lola Flores, Camarón…  The greats of singing, guitar-playing and dance, whose legacy we must follow.

She is accompanied by singer Pedro Heredia.  Farruca designed the wardrobe for a show in which improvisation and temperament take precedence over choreography.  Each scene is a tribute:  the alegrías with Carpeta recalls the intensity of Carmen Amaya.  With Pedro Heredia singing a zambra, they manage to evoke the chemistry of Lola Flores and Manolo Caracol.  The lyrics and music of the zambra were composed by her son Juan “Farruquito”.  With her most famous dance, soleá, dressed as a man with cane and hat, she pays tribute to her father El Farruco.


Dance: Rosario Montoya La Farruca, Manuel Fernández Montoya “El Carpeta”.
Cante: Pedro Heredia “El Granaíno”, Fabiola Pérez, Mara Rey.
Guitar: Juan Requena.
Piano: Ale Romero
Original idea: Pedro Heredia “El Granaíno”.
Choreography: La Farruca.
Music: Pablo Maldonado, Juan Requena.