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Karime Amaya, "Best New Artist" Festival de Jerez

Special 17th Festival de Jerez - All the information

Dancer Karime Amaya has been named “Best New Artist” (premio revelación), a distinction awarded yearly by the Bar Juanito in collaboration with the specialized press of the Festival de Jerez.  The decision was made in the traditional media encounter that Faustino Rodríguez organizes each year during the Festival de Jerez.  The honored artist participated in the show “Abolengo” starring Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya “Farruquito” in which tribute is paid to the Farruco and Amaya dynasties.

Foto PortadaKarime Amaya won by a majority of votes beating Úrsula López with her show “La Otra Piel”, and young Seville dancer José Galán with “En Mis Cabales”.  Other names that received votes were Macarena Ramírez and Jesús Carmona.

The artist is great-niece of Carmen Amaya, and daughter of Mercedes Amaya “La Wyny”.  Born in México in 1985 she was educated in the intense dance style of her mother.  Since debuting in her parents’ company at the age of 12, Karime hasn’t stopped learning or growing artistically in her career that straddles Mexico and Spain.

Karime already demonstrated her ability in the last Festival de Jerez with her show “Desde la Orilla” at the Sala Compañía, which was well-received by critics and in which she exhibited the temperament and strength that characterize her dancing.

The prize for Best New Artist was created in 2008 by Faustino Rodríguez, owner of Bar Juanito, and since that time the “Alcachofa de Plata” has been awarded to Nani Paños y Rafael Estévez (Flamenco XXI-Compañía Dospormedio &Cia), Concha Jareño (Algo, 2009), Olga Pericet (Bailes alegres para personas tristes, 2010), Leonor Leal (eLe, eLe, 2011) and Manuel Liñán (Tauro, 2012).