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Jueves Flamencos de Cádiz

July 17th - August 28th
July 7, 2008

Once again this year, at the Baluarte de la Candelaria in Cádiz, with the beginning of summer comes a complete program of dance, singing and guitar of the highest quality. With a clearly traditional slant, but with plenty of room for young hopefuls, the lengthy festival, because this is a true festival in every sense of the word, is scheduled to take place from July 17th to August 28th, seven shows for seven Thursdays.

The explosive singer showman Capullo de Jerez, opens the first Thursday in a program that also includes dancer Andrés Peña. The following week, Ricardo Losada "El Yunque" from Madrid, is the veteran singer who tops the bill in a program that is rounded out with two promising young singers, Rubito de Pará hijo, and Antonio Reyes. The last day of July, the voices of Fernando Terremoto, Luis el Zambo and el Niño de la Fragua, the group of Diego de la Margara and the guitars of Alfredo Lagos, Domingo Rubichi and José Ignacio Franco with fill the air with their powerful sounds. Another major Jerez singer, Manuel Moneo shares a more diverse program the following week with Segundo Falcón and young Paco del Pozo, and the guitars of Antonio Carrión and Paco Jarana.  

On August 14th, Lebrija, Sevilla and Cádiz, represented by Manuel de Paula, Salomé Pavón and Caracolillo de Cádiz will be present at the Baluarte. Young Córdoba dancer Fran Espinosa will be accompanied by Manuel Herrera and Niño de la Leo.

Veterans Juan Villar and Felipe Scapachini will share a program with the younger but experienced singer Carmen de la Jara on August 21st, with the company of Juan Ogalla for a thoroughly Cádiz night. Another major Cádiz singer, Mariana Cornejo, closes the series on August 28th, along with the company of María del Mar Moreno.


17 July
Capullo de Jerez, Rafael Ordóñez and Antonio de Patrocinio, cante. Compañía de Andrés Peña, dance. Manuel Jero and Antonio de Patrocinio, guitar. Luis and Ali de la Tota, backup.

24 July
Ricardo Losada 'El Yunque', Rubito de Parada (hijo) and Antonio Reyes, cante. Compañía de Lola Pére, dance. Paco Cortés and Antonio Higuero, guitar.

31 July
Fernando 'Terremoto', Luis 'El Zambo' and Niño de la Fragua, cante. Cuadro Flamenco de Diego de la Margara. Alfredo Lagos, Domingo Rubichi and J. Ignacio Franco, guitar.

7 August
Manuel Moneo, Segundo Falcón and Paco del Pozo, cante. Compañía de Rafael de Carmen, dance. Juan M. Moneo, Antonio Carrión and Paco Jarana, guitar.

14 August
Manuel de Paula, Salomé Pavón and Caracolillo de Cádiz, cante. Manuel Herrera and Niño de la Leo, guitar and Compañía de Fran Espinosa, dance.

21 August
Juan Villar, Carmen de la Jara and Felipe Scapachini al cante. Compañía de Juan Ogalla. Niño Jero, Antonio Carrión and Adriano Lozano, guitar.



28 August
Arcángel, Mariana Cornejo and Carmen Molina, cante. Compañía de María Moreno, dance. M. A. Cortés, Pascual de Lorca y J. M. de Lepe (guitar).