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Arcángel brings his "Olor a tierra" to Holland in Intermezzos

The third series Intermezzo Flamenco, the "interbienal" celebrated in the off-years of the bi-annual Dutch event organized by Ernestina Ban de Noort.
March 23, 2014

Since the last Flamenco Biennale in January of 2013, the year in between has seen José Mercé in Eindhoven on May 17th, Miguel Poveda con “Artesano” in November and most recently, Rocío Molina & La Tremendita in February and March of 2014.

Now it’s Arcángel’s turn with his show “Olor a tierra”, which includes guest artist, dancer Patricia Guerrero, for four recitals in different Dutch cities.

Arcángel will also present his show “Bratimene” along with Theodosii Spassov, which was so well-received at the Dutch Biennale, and in the last edition of Suma Flamenco, on the 11th and 12th of April at Germany’s Tanzhaus Düsseldorf Festival .

Flamenco Biennial Intermezzo

4 April Rasa Utrecht [Recital Arcángel & Dani de Morón] ) -
6 April Lantarenvenster Rotterdam
9 April Paradiso Amsterdam
10 April Muziekpublique Brussels
11- 12 April Tanzhaus Düsseldorf Festival (Bratimene, featuring Theodosii Spassov)

‘Olor a Tierra’

Arcángel – voice, Dani de Morón – guitar, Agustín Diassera - percussion
Guest artist : Patricia Guerrero - dance

Intermezzo Flamenco - Arcángel