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Ángel Rojas debuts with his particular "Camino"

Rojas and Rodríguez, Ángel Rojas debuts in Spain with "Camino" at the Teatro Central within the program of the Muestra de Flamenco de Sevilla.
September 29, 2013

Ángel Rojas

Ángel Rojas will be accompanied by dancer Carmen Cortés as guest artist, with Rocío Bazán singing, the guitar of Paco Cruz and the percussion of Karo Sampela.

“Camino” is a return to the roots of flamenco and Spanish dance where Ángel Rojas started out.

Ángel RojasAbout to celebrate the 20th anniversary as creator and director with Carlos Rodríguez, the Nuevo Ballet Español Company of Rojas and Rodríguez presents “Camino”, the fourth solo show of dancer and choreographer Ángel Rojas with his Ángel Rojas Project.

Date: Sunday, September 29
Place: Teatro Central / La Cartuja. Sevilla.
Time: 20:30h
Tickets: 18 euros

Tickets:  http://www.ticketmaster.es/nav/es/teatro/sevilla/teatro_central_-_sala_a_9962/muestra_de_flamenco/index.html?q=muestr&t=fast

Ángel Rojas