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V Festival de Jazz La escalera de Jacob

Special second flamenco edition
February 27th to March 21st, 2013
February 18, 2013

The landmark cave of La Escalera de Jacob will, for the fifth consecutive year, be the venue for its Festival de Jazz with a new edition devoted to Flamenco Jazz.

On February 27th, in the intimate venue of the magical Escalera de Jacob, the strings of Josemi Carmona’s guitar will open a series that brings together well-known artists to explore the relationship between flamenco and jazz.  Pablo Martín Caminero, Sandra Carrasco, José Luis Gutiérrez, Anita Kuruba, Enriquito, Carles Benavent, Tino di Geraldo and Jorge Pardo are just a few of the musicians who will lay out the expressive richness of a musical melding full of creative vitality.  In addition, thanks to the Circuito de Músicas Populares Girando por Salas, it will be possible to hear in quartet one of Spain’s most-accomplished bass-players: Rubén Rubio.

All the concerts will take place in the Cueva of La Escalera de Jacob, Lavapiés, February 27th to March 21st at 9:30pm.

Wednesday, 27 February: Josemi Carmona
Thursday, 28 February: Pablo Martín Caminero
Wednesday, 6 March: Sandra Carrasco
Thursday, 7 March: José Luis Gutiérrez-Iberjazz Quartet
Wednesday, 13 March: Anita Kuruba
Thursday, 14 March: Rubén Rubio GPS
Wednesday, 20 March: Enriquito, flamenco trumpet
Thursday, 21 Marzo: Benavent- Di Geraldo- Pardo

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La Escalera de Jacob,

Lavapies,9. Madrid.
Metro Tirso de Molina