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SARA BARAS, the 'Carmen' of the 21st century

February 12th is the presentation of "Carmen", Sara Baras’ most recent work, at the Lope de Vega Theater on Madrid’s Gran Vía.
February 13, 2009


Along with José Serrano (who plays the bullfighter), and Luis Ortega (Don José), Sara Baras is offering her version of “Carmen”, the character created by Mérimee, with an intensity all her own, giving supreme importance to the modern woman’s perspecive.

Nearly all the music was created specifically for this show by musicians like José María Bandera, Javier Ruibal, David Cerreduela and José Carlos Gómez, the adaptation and classic composition were recorded live at the Liceu in Barcelona the day of the première, and “La Habanera” was arranged for the show by Joan Valent.  “Carmen” includes the special collaboration of Paco de Lucía who plays the tangos “La Cañada” for the pas de deux of Sara and José Serrano.

The show debuted two years ago at Barcelona’s Teatro Liceo and has been presented in several cities, the most notably, at the fifteenth Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.

Teatro Lope de Vega c/ Gran Vía, 57
Wednesday - Thursday 9 pm
Friday: 10 pm
Saturday: 7pm & 10 pm
Sunday: 7 pm
Tickets: El Corte Inglés / Tic tac ticket

‘CARMEN’ - Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras - Review and photos