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Flamenco Nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards

On September 23rd, the nominees were announced for all categories, including Best Album of Flamenco Music, once again organized by the American Academy.
September 30, 2015
Rafael Manjavacas

Latin Grammy


María Toledo is nominee in the generic category of Best Album of Latin Music for her latest recording “ConSentido”, as well as in the category of Best Album of Flamenco Music along with singer Argentina, who was also nominated last year, for "Sinergía". The other nominees are: “Entre 20 Aguas” released by El País with 20 pieces of Paco de Lucía interpreted by various artists and produced by Javier Limón. “Andando” by Seville guitarist Joselito Acedo, published by Nuba Records. The Madrid label also has “Bendito” of Blas Córdoba “El Kejio” & Chano Dominguez. The other two categories are shared by Sony-BMG with “Amar en Paz” a project of Fernando Trueba with Estrella Morente and Niño Josele and Universal Music with “Sonetos y Poemas para la Libertad” by Miguel Poveda.

These prizes are closely related to the Industria Musical Latina with artists such as Pablo Alborán, Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Bosé, Ricky Martin, Juan Luis Guerra, Enrique Iglesias, etc. tending to always be among the winners.

It's a welcome detail that the Academy keeps flamenco music as a differentiated category, although some of the nominated songs are a far cry from flamenco, but we have to make an effort and consider that the point of view is Miami, and how flamenco is seen there. Considering that the majority of flamenco records are self-produced, and very few are released by multinationals, the fact that some independent recordings have been nominated, such as that of guitarist Joselito Acedo, Blas Córdoba or singer Argentina, shows the interest of the American Academy in making space for the greatest number of records released, although they have a much harder time that those that come from the multinationals.
In Spain, as of today, there is no association, academy or music industry with the aim, capacity or infrastructure to set up any type of prize or recognition.  It's true that some radio stations carry out events to award artists, but, paradoxically, they tend to favor standard international musical genres, while ignoring flamenco.

The awards ceremony of the Latin GRAMMYS is programmed for Thursday, November 19th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Meantime, as we wait to know who the winners are, the candidates can boast of having been nominated.