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Dancer Javier Barón opens the 1st Muestra de Flamenco at the Teatro Central

"Barón y la Música" is a revival of some of the dancer's most celebrated choreographies, and includes guest artist, singer José Valencia, winner of the Cante Giraldillo prize of the Bienal of Sevilla.
September 24, 2013

The show will take place Tuesday, September 24th at 8:30 pm

The dancer from Alcalá de Guadaíra, Javier Barón, will open the first Muestra de Flamenco organized by the Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco on Tuesday, September 24th at 8:30pm at Seville’s Teatro Central with his show “Barón…y la Música”.  The work is a retrospective in which Barón, winner of Spain’s National Dance Prize 2008, revives and updates some of his most celebrated choreographies to share them with the Seville audience.

Javier Barón - Foto: Daniel Muñoz

“I’ve selected pieces which, throughout my career, have been especially moving for me, or especially well-received by the audience” explains the dancer.  “Barón…y la Música” includes choreographies of flamenco forms such as farruca and soleá.  More than dance, the work is a tribute to music: “This  has always been my inspiration in the creative and performing moment”.  For this reason, in addition to Javier Barón’s dancing, music is the other great star of the show.

This taste for music is evident in the people who back up the dancer on this project, beginning with the latest winner of the Giraldillo for Cante of the 2012 Bienal de Flamenco, José Valencia, who as guest artist will add his fascinating voice.  Along with him, guitarist Javier Patino, the percussion of José Carrasco, the violin of Alexis Lefèvre and the flamenco tres played by Raúl Rodríguez complete the first-class group.  As is customary in this dancer’s shows, “Barón…y la Música” is produced by Saradezza.