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43rd Festival Flamenco de Almería.

August 24-26 will feature Miguel Poveda, José Mercé, El Pele and Tomatito.
August 2, 2009

Once again this year, the Almería Flamenco Festival has managed to put together an impressive program that covers three days.  “Centenario de Manolo Caracol” is the title of the first day, and includes El Pele, José Mercé and Rancapino, as well as young Salomé Pavón.

On the second day, with the title “Puro Flamenco”, it’s the singing of Miguel Poveda, and Tomatito as headliners.  Almería singer José Sorroche is also scheduled to perform.

Under the banner “El Flamenco Más Joven”, the third day features Cristo Heredia, Tamara Tañé and the dancing of Ana Alonso.


Monday, August 24th - 10:30 pm
"Centenario de Manolo Caracol"

SALOMÉ PAVÓN / Jerónimo Maya, guitar
 RANCAPINO/ Fernando Moreno, guitar
EL PELE / Patrocinio Hijo, guitar
  JOSÉ MERCÉ / Moraito Chico, guitar

Tuesday, August 25th - 10:30 pm
"Puro flamenco"

Cante MIGUEL POVEDA with Chicuelo, guitar; Paquito González, percussion; Carlos Grilo and Luis Peña "Cantarote", palmas
Concert flamenco guitar of TOMATITO
Tomatito, first guitar and guitar soloist; Cristobal Santiago, second guitar; Simón Román, cante; Lucky Losada,percussion; José Maya, dance and palmas


Wednesday, August 26th - 10:30 pm
"El flamenco más joven"

Cante CRISTO HEREDIA / Antonio Luis López,guitar
Cante ROCÍO MÁRQUEZ / Guillermo Guillén,guitar
           Lámpara Minera del Festival Internacional Cante de las Minas 2008
Cante TAMARA TAÑÉ / Isaac Moreno, guitar
Dance ANA ALONSO and her group