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13th edition of Los Veranos del Corral in Granada

From July 18th to August 11th, 2011
March 25, 2011

Looking back over 12 previous editions, it’s clear flamenco dancers of the latest generation had their showcase venue on the stage of the Corral del Carbón in Granada, when they were still largely unknown to the general public, and are now the ones who make up the programs of the most important flamenco festivals in the world.  For this reason the festival deserves congratulations, for having been so daring and for the organization’s keen vision year after year.

This year’s program is loaded with artists who are now top stars, most of whom already appeared at the Corral del Carbón, and others who will perform at this venue for the first time: Belén Maya, Isabel Bayón, Mercedes Ruíz, Rafaela Carrasco, Manuel Liñán, Concha Jareño, Marco Flores, Patricia Guerrero and others lesser-known, not to mention Fuensanta la Moneta.

Once again this year, the stage of the Corral del Carbón is the place to see first-class flamenco dancing within the festival circuit.


- 18 JULY                       BELÉN MAYA 
- 19 JULY                       ISABEL BAYÓN
- 20 JULY                       MERCEDES RUIZ
- 21 JULY                       RAFAELA CARRASCO

- 25 JULY                       MANUEL LIÑÁN
- 26 JULY                       PATRICIA GUERRERO
- 27 JULY                       MILAGROS MENJÍBAR 
- 28 JULY                       CONCHA JAREÑO

- 1 AUGUST                    MARIA CANEA
- 2 AUGUST                    DAVID CORIA
- 3 AUGUST                    NACHO BLANCO

- 8 AUGUST                    CERTAMEN IAJ
- 9 AUGUST                    LA CHONI
- 10 AUGUST                  MARCO FLORES
- 11 AUGUST                  LA MONETA