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52 Festival Internacional de Cante de las Minas de La Unión.
August 2nd, 2012 - Catedral del Cante - La Unión (Murcia)
August 3, 2012
photos: Rafael Manjavacas

The Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas had a spectacular night of flamenco thanks to the sublime performance of dancer and choreographer Sara Baras, who took over the stage of La Unión to present “La Pepa”, a show of lights, voices and art in movement that gives a run-down of Spanish symbolism during a specific era, and is touching in its special tribute to the Constitution of 1812.

The first of the Flamenco Galas of this year’s festival combined great staging with fresh energetic choreography, and a lush varied wardrobe with lace mantillas, fans and other period accessories in tones of lilac, honey and silvery blue, contrasting with black and red.

To the beat of footwork in contrasting intensity, and with the Cathedral of Cante filled to the rafters, this flamenco drama based on historical events in Cádiz in 1810-1812, does a fine job of representing the feeling of the moment when people were divided between honor and war, the beauty of their land and their desire for freedom, as well as their enthusiasm to create that Constitution which would be unique in history.

At the end of the show, the Cádiz dancer unveiled the “Lámpara Sara Baras” on the Avenida del Flamenco with a large crowd of onlookers, in addition to politicians and people from the world of culture as well as flamenco fans and tourists.