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The twenty-fourth edition of the Premios Nacionales de la Cátedra de Flamencologia de Jerez has announced this year's list of winners.
June 5, 2010

As in other editions, the jury distributed ten prizes in a variety of categories, and four additional ones called the Copa Jerez were reserved for Jerez flamenco artists.

The honorary Maestro prize went to singer Diego Clavel from La Puebla de Cazalla, an accomplished interpreter and investigator, little known by young flamenco fans, which makes this honor all the more interesting as it will draw attention to the singer’s work.  The highest cante prize was for Alonso Núñez “Rancapino”, the grand old veteran from Chiclana, so admired by flamenco followers.  In dance the prize was also for two solid veterans of the old school, Toni el Pelao and his partner, both in dance and in life, La Uchi, both from Madrid.  The prize for outstanding guitar-playing went to the popular Tomatito from Almería.

Prizes also were given to dance teacher Manolo Marín of Seville, critic Manuel Bohórquez, photographer Paco Sánchez, singer Carmen de la Jara and the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas de La Unión, which this year is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The Copas Jerez were awarded to Juana la del Pipa, Carmen, Herrera, Pascual de Lorca and Fernando Belmonte in the categories of cante, dance, guitar and teaching respectively.

The official presentation of the prizes is scheduled to take place shortly with a gala event supported by the Agencia Andaluza para el Desarrollo del Flamenco, and the Centro Andaluz de Flamenco.

 HONORARY MAESTRO PRIZE.- For singer Diego Clavel, from La Puebla de Cazalla (Seville).
CANTE PRIZE. For Alonso Núñez  “Rancapino”, from Chiclana (Cádiz).
DANCE PRIZE.- For the team Toni el Pelao and La Uchi, from Madrid.
GUITAR PRIZE.- For “Tomatito”, from Almería.
TEACHING.- For flamenco dance teacher, Manolo Marin, from Seville.
INVESTIGATION AND CRITIC.- For Manuel Bohórquez, for the body of his literary and investigative work, his blog “La Gazapera” and his work as critic for the “El Correo de Andalucía”, from Seville.
VISUAL ARTS.- For photographer Paco Sánchez, from Dos Hermanas (Seville).
COMMUNICATION MEDIA.- For the program “Flamenco Radio. Com”, of Canal Sur Radio Andalucía.
BEST RECORD.- For Cádiz singer Carmen de la Jara for her work “Tesoros de los Cantes Antiguos de Cádiz”.
PROMOTION.  For the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas, de La Unión (Murcia), on its 50th anniversary.

COPA JEREZ FOR CANTE.- For singer Juana la del Pipa.
COPA JEREZ FOR DANCE.- For dancer Carmen Herrera.
COPA JEREZ FOR GUITAR.- For guitarist Pascual de Lorca.
COPA JEREZ FOR TEACHING.- For dance teacher Fernando Belmonte.