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Festival Suma Flamenca de la Comunidad de Madrid, the final week

Legends such as Riqueni and El Güito along with young stars like Casares and El Yiyo
June 24, 2015

La Tremendita and Paco del Pozo will offer singing concerts, and Carmen Linares is the guest artist of Camerata Flamenco Project. There is also a concert of Flamenco Jazz with Pepe Habichuela, Jorge Pardo and Gerardo Núñez.

The tenth edition of the Festival Suma Flamenca of the Madrid community, moves into its final week with a program made up of five dance shows, three vocal concerts, five of guitar, and tow of singing and guitar. The Teatro de La Abadía is the venue for most of the shows, while the Centro Cultural Paco Rabal, the Círculo de Bellas Artes complete the spaces that will present shows in the coming days, in addition to daily show at tablaos and clubs.

The Sala Juan de la Cruz of the Teatro de La Abadía kicks off the week on Tuesday June 23rd, at 9:00pm, with an unusual concert featuring two artists thanks to the collaboration of the Israeli Embassy. Soprano Sivan Rotem and guitarist Baldi Olier will interpret Ladino and Hebrew songs, as well as virtuoso flamenco pieces in Classic Flamenco.

Rafael Riqueni returns to Madrid to offer his first concert in many years. He will play a selection from his previous records, as well as new compositions that will be included in his upcoming recording. This reencounter with flamenco fans will be at the same venue at the same time, Wednesday, June 24th.

Rafael Riqueni

On the following day at 9:00pm, the Teatro de La Abadía receives a double program of guitar and singing. The first with the program of Daniel Casares in Picassares, where he offers his personal interpretation of the life of Picasso. "Una Copla por Recuerdo" is the second concert, and it will be given by Madrid singer Paco del Pozo showing the firm relationship between flamenco and lyrical Spanish song.

Daniel Casares

El Yiyo and La Tremendita will offer a sampling of their creativity and innovation.

Suma Flamenca brings together two generations in Esencias Flamencas. El Güito is perseverance, technique, ‘soleá’, farrucas, excellence. El Yiyo power, versatility, movement, risky footwork, charisma, "duende". The first one, the old master, and the second, picking up the crown from one of the greats of flamenco dance. This encounter will take place on  Friday the 26th, at 9:00pm at the Sala Juan de la Cruz.

Guito / Yiyo

Next up on this stage is Rosario ‘La Tremendita’. In Fatum she takes on artistic production of the work, offering her personal interpretation of the music, her way of understanding the art and world in general, always revolving around flamenco. This is scheduled for Saturday the 27th, at the same time.


The program at the Teatro de La Abadía closes the following day at 9:00pm, Camerata Flamenco Project with Sesión Camerata. This group is the result of an encounter between musicians from the world of flamenco, jazz, tango and classical music. The sound is a declaration of flamenco and contemporary intentions, with guest artists Carmen Linares and Leonor Leal.

Flamenco Jazz at the Círculo de Bellas Artes

The Teatro Fernando de Rojas of the Círculo de Bellas Artes is the venue that will receive Flamenco Universal on June 26th at 9:00pm.

Pepe Habichuela and Jorge Pardo accompanied by other musicians will offer an anthology of the Habichuela repertoire adapted to this new format, as well as pieces by Pardo, both profound and contemporary, with unusual combinations of harmonic textures.

Jorge Pardo & Pepe Habichuela

The second concert of flamenco jazz will be with guitarist Gerardo Núñez accompanied by eight artists in Flamenco Ensemble. This is a project in which flamenco acts as host to lay out a cultural collage of various musical styles. The event takes place on Saturday June 27th at 9:00pm.

On the same day at 8:00pm, the Centro Cultural Paco Rabal hosts the show Inside starring dancer Nino de los Reyes. Four interpreters will come together in search of a common inner rhythm, where flamenco and other musical trends are fused in a natural manner showing the essence of a common path.

Nino de los Reyes - Inside

The flamenco tablaos Café de Chinitas, Casa Patas, Cardamomo, Corral de la Morería, Las Tablas, Las Carboneras, Villa Rosa, Torres Bermejas and Candela offer 104 performances with outstanding interpreters of cante, guitar and dance. The tablaos have shows every day, and a double program on the weekends.