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28th Jueves Flamencos de Cádiz

July 16th to August 27th, Baluarte de la Candelaria, Cádiz
August 2, 2009

Seven great nights in Cádiz

It’s not the usual format of a one-night festival.  Nor is it the marathon of many days in a row that so many towns offer nowadays.  Reaching its 28th edition, the Jueves Flamencos organized by the Enrique el Mellizo flamenco peña of Cádiz, is not only an institution, but an example of how high-quality flamenco singing, guitar and dance can viably be presented, without resorting to avant-garde shows to fill seats, or programming dubious parallel activities of limited interest, and without sacrificing a single bit of good taste.

Each summer Cádiz nights come alive with the performances of top flamenco artists in a varied program that includes both veterans and newcomers, and flamenco fans respond filling up the large patio of the beautiful Baluarte de la Candelaria.

With the support of the Fundación Provincial de Cultura, the Bicentennial Office for 1810-1812, the Junta de Andalucía and the Cádiz municipal government, this year the festival is dedicated to the memory of Chano Lobato, one of the most beloved flamenco personalities of the last fifty years, who passed away last April.

As in other years, great importance is placed on the geographic distribution of the performers, and each one’s name appears on the program with his or her place of birth: Seville, Cádiz and Jerez are generously represented with the noteworthy appearances of Aurora Vargas and Pansequito, Juana del Revuelo, Vicente Soto, Juan Villar, Nano de Jerez, El Torta and Mariana Cornejo among many others, but the guest of honor, the megastar slated to close out the series on August 27th, is none other than Catalonian singer Miguel Poveda, the biggest name in flamenco today.  The guitar line-up is similarly brilliant with names like Moraíto Chico, Niño Jero Periquin, Pascual de Lorca, Antonio Higuero and Chicuelo who will be accompanying Poveda.  In dance, no one can complain about the level with people like Pastora Galván, El Junco and Eduardo Guerrero.

Seven great nights in the city that for many is the birthplace of flamenco.


16 July
“¡¡De Triana a Cádiz se pasa por El Puerto!!”
Cante: Aurora Vargas and Pansequito in concert (Sevilla / El Puerto de Santa María)
Raúl Gálvez (Cádiz)

Guitar: Moraíto Chico and Niño de la Leo (Cádiz)

23 July
“¡¡Vivencias Flamencas!!”,
Fiesta: Juana del Revuelo and Martín Revuelo (Sevilla)
Cante: José Méndez, (Jerez), María Mezcle (Sanlúcar de Barrameda), Felipe Scapachini (Cádiz)
Guitar: Martín Chico (Sevilla), Antonio Higuero (Jerez), Víctor Rosa (San Fernando)

Dance: Estefanía Cuevas and group (Córdoba).

30 de julio
Cante: Vicente Soto "Sordera" (Jerez), Paco Reyes (Cádiz), Yeye de Cádiz, Luis de Mateo (Algeciras)
Guitarra: Manuel Valencia (Jerez), Niño de la Leo (Cádiz), Manuel Peralta (Algeciras)
Baile: Edu Guerrero y su grupo (Cádiz).

30 July
Cante: Vicente Soto “Sordera” (Jerez), Paco Reyes (Cádiz), Yeye de Cádiz, Luis de Mateo (Algeciras)
Guitar: Manuel Valencia (Jerez), Niño de la Leo (Cádiz), Manuel Peralta (Algeciras)

Dance: Edu Guerrero and group (Cádiz).

6 August
 “¡¡La Verdad en el Cante!!”
Cante: Juan Villar (Cádiz), Nano de Jerez, Diego Camacho Boquerón (Sevilla), Emilio Florido (Cádiz)
Guitar: Niño Jero (Jerez), Pascual de Lorca, Eugenio Iglesias (Sevilla)

Dance: María del Mar Berlanga and group (Sevilla).

13 August
“¡¡El Compás!!”
Cante: Juan Moneo El Torta (Jerez), María del Mar Fernández (Cádiz), Manuela Cordero (Sevilla), Rubito de Pará (Puebla de Cazalla)
Guitar: Manuel Herrera (Sevilla), Juan M. Moneo (Jerez), Román Vicenti (Cádiz)

Dance: Espectáculo “Maera Vieja” de Lidia Cabello (Cádiz) and group, with music by Joaquín Lineras ‘Niño de la Leo’ (Cádiz).

20 August
Cante: Antonio Reyes (Chiclana), Mariana Cornejo (Cádiz), Carmen de la Jara (Cádiz), Aguilar de Vejer
Guitar: Antonio Higuero (Jerez), Juani de La Isla (San Fernando), Pascual de Lorca

Dance: El Junco and group (Cádiz).

27 August
“¡¡Perfeccionismo Flamenco!!”
Dance: Pastora Galván and group (Sevilla)
Cante: Miguel Poveda (Barcelona) in concert, with young newcomer Kiko Peña (Écija) presented by Miguel Poveda
Guitar: Chicuelo (Barcelona)