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1st Congreso de Guitarra Flamenca de Córdoba

From November 12th to 16th the first Congress of Flamenco Guitar will be held in Córdoba, bringing together major stars of the guitar.
October 19, 2014

Manolo Sanlúcar will give the inaugural speech of this event that includes great maestros of the art-form, in addition to parallel activities, concerts and a look at the past, present and future of the six strings.

Congreso de Guitarra Córdoba

Organized by the Delegación de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Córdoba in collaboration with the Instituto Municipal de las Artes Escénicas (IMAE-Gran Teatro), the objective of the encounter is to study the current role of the flamenco guitar, an instrument which has undergone a tremendous revolution in recent decades.

Manolo Sanlúcar will give the opening speech on November 12th.  The Congreso, as is only natural, will pay special attention to Paco de Lucía, with a speech by Juan José Téllez, among other related activities.

The teaching of flamenco guitar in conservatories will also be discussed, as well as the contribution of Córdoba and other schools of contemporary guitar-playing, aspects related to interpretation, the relationship with classical music, the artesan tradition of Andalusian guitars and the legacy left by great stars of the art.

The congress includes the participation of great maestros como Paco Peña, Tomatito, or Fosforito himself who will recall moments of his carrer alongside Paco de Lucía. A total of 9 speeches will be delivered during the event, by guitarists such as Gerardo Núñez, Juan Manuel Cañizares, José Antonio Rodríguez and Oscar Herrero. Other speakers include Norberto Torres, José Manuel Gamboa, José María Velázquez-Gaztelú, Juan José Téllez and guitarist ethnomusicologist Philippe Donnier.

Three round-table discussions will delve into various aspects of flamenco guitar, the key to accompaniment of cante and baile and Córdoba's contribution to the world of flamenco guitar playing.

The concerts are an important part of the program. “Tres guitarras a Paco” will be a tribute to Paco de Lucía by guitarists José Tomás Villalta, Niño Seve and Diego del MoraoTomatito will also offer a concert with sextet format. Lastly, on Saturday the 15th, “Mapping Paco de Lucía en el corazón”, an activity that includes the projection of images of the genius from Algeciras on the ruins of the Roman Temple.

Registration for the Congreso is free, and must be formalized via the inscription form. All the information can be found at the webpage of the Centro Flamenco Fosforito.

All the information: www.centroflamencofosforito.cordoba.es

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Congreso de Guitarra Córdoba