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XLVII Gazpacho Andaluz 2013

Saturday, August 3rd, 2012. 2230h. Colegio Salesianos, Morón de la Frontera
August 13, 2013
Text: DeFlamenco.com
Photos: Estela Zatania

Saturday night August 3rd, the 47th Gazpacho Andaluz was held in Morón de la Frontera (Seville).

Gazpacho AndaluzThe event was founded in 1963, and suspended from 1976 to 1979, so this year is actually the fiftieth anniversary of the first edition.  An interesting program of talks, screenings and recitals was put together by the organization in the days leading up to the Gazpacho.  The festival was dedicated to the memory of guitarist Manolo Morilla, the maestro who taught so many aspiring guitarists who today maintain that unmistakable Morón style of playing flamenco guitar.

After the traditional opening of a guitar solo, this year interpreted by young Javier Ruiz Barrera, David Peña Dorantes took over the stage with his piano, backed up by Javier Ruibal on percussion, Francis Pose on bass and the voice of Esperanza Fernández for a series of his compositions from his repertoire.

Next up, singer Pepe Taranto, accompanied on guitar by Manolo Coronado, sang granaína, soleá and siguiriyas.  Dancer Lidia Valle interpreted soleá por bulería with the voices of Inma Rivero, Mercedes Cortés, El Trini and Jesús Flores, with the guitar of Juan Torres.

PansequitoAfter the official tribute to Manuel Morilla, another guitar solo, this time by Juan Torres, was the prologue for the main singer of the night.  Pansequito, accompanied by Diego Amaya on guitar, with the palmas of Javier Heredia and Luis Peña, gave his personal interpretations of cantiñas, soleá, taranto and bulerías.

The festival came to a close with the dancing of Jairo Barrull who was accompanied by the guitars of Paco and Eugenio Iglesias and the singing of Moi de Morón, David el Galli and Juan José Amador.

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