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Sala Compañía, 12 midnight
20 th Festival de Jerez
March 5, 2016
Text: Estela Zatania
Photos: Ana Palma

Special 20 th  Festival de Jerez - All the information

Dance: Pedro Córdoba, Belén de la Quintana, Daniel Navarro. Cante: Ismael de la Rosa "El Bola", Juañares. Guitar: Manuel Castilla. Percussion: José de Mode.

Arriving at the Sala Compañía, well-known dancers were milling around...always a good sign...for the show "Del 2 Mil y Pico", a title which refers to the new millennium we inhabit, and the flamenco interpreted therein.

A novel and original work.  What starts off as  just another show in the energetic Farruquito line, soon proves to be much more.  Surprising, yes..."impossible" footwork, yes...power in rhythm, yes... But much more.  Personality, novel moves, a powerful guitar, Manuel Castilla, a percussionist with a great sense of humor, José de Mode, and the free rein he is given to use it.

An updated farruca - a form that was in need of updating.  And singer Juañares, son of one of the home-spun dancers popular in Jerez, accompanied himself on guitar with "La Faltriquera de mi Mare",  charming.  And singer Ismael de la Rosa "El Bola", does a fine job as well.

It was wonderful to see Daniel Navarro, a terrific dancer we've seen very little of since his victory in La Unión in 2005.  A female dancer, Belén de la Quintana, was right up to the level of the men, which is quite an accomplishment in itself.  And the main dancer, Pedro Córdoba, from Catalonia, take note of the name, has discreetly opened a new path in flamenco dance for "Dos Mil y Pico", the new millennium.  A very well-prepared show in every way.

Pedro Córdoba - 2 mil y pico

Photo Gallery by Ana Palma