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NOCHES BRUJAS at El Corral de la Morería.

The Madrid tablao opens its program of cante flamenco recitals for the month of June with the series called "Noches Brujas".
May 25, 2012

The recitals will take place Saturday nights at 1:20 am with three great singers from Jerez, Lebrija and Utrera, the hard-to-define dancer Carrete de Málaga and the group Flamencos de Morón.

2 June – Jesús Mendez cante, Miguel Salado guitar.
9 June – Manuel de Paula cante, Curro Vargas guitar.
16 June – Carrete de Málaga
23 June – Tomás de Perrate cante, Antonio Moya guitar.
30 June – Flamencos de Morón (Paco and Ignacio de Amparo, Rubio de Pruna, Teresa Rios, Ana Ojeda, Javier Heredia.

There is very limited seating.  Reservations may be made via the web of Corral de la Moreria.

Noches Brujas Corral de la Moreria

Madrid’s Corral de la Morería is presenting 5 “Noches Brujas” in June.  In addition to the special programming for the month of June, the 3rd Festival de Junio, which coincides with the SUMA FLAMENCA Festival, more than 40 dancers will grace the stage of the most famous tablao in the world, during regular hours, with two daily shows, at 9:30pm and 11:30pm.  These 5 exclusive Saturday night recitals feature flamenco singing, dance and fiesta.

Jesús MendezIn this first edition of “Noches Brujas”, singers from Jerez, Lebrija, Utrera and Morón, in addition to the indefinable dancer Carrete de Málaga will be featured.  The series begins June 2nd with singer Jesús Méndez, nephew of the great Paquera de Jerez, and heir to her art, a young singer who currently represents the great hope of Jerez, with a record on the market, “Sin Fronteras”, produced by Gerardo Núñez, and in the process of making a second one with the help of Miguel Poveda.


Manuel de PaulaOn June 9th, a taste of Lebrija.  Manuel de Paula will offer his very personalized singing at the Corral.  He is representative of a major flamenco family, and the Lebrija style of singing.



Carrete de MálagaJune 16th, features the quirky Carrete de Málaga, 73-year-old dancer, although he isn’t totally sure of his age, who has danced all over the world.  Since 2007, when José Luis Ortiz Nuevo put him in the Málaga Bienal, flamenco fans have had the opportunity to see the importance and creativity of this dancer from Málaga.  He has performed at the most important flamenco festivals, most notably his recent appearance at the Festival de Jerez, and his upcoming participation at Seville’s Bienal de Flamenco next September.

Tomás de PerrateOn June 23rd, it’s back to singing with the stylized ways of Perrate and his Utrera sound.  Tomás de Perrate will recreate the pungent flamenco style that makes him a unique singer, accompanied by one of the best guitarists for traditional accompaniment, the Frenchman who lives in Utrera, Antonio Moya.  Named best young hopeful of the 2002 Bienal de Sevilla, the singer has just confirmed his participation in this year’s Bienal in September..



Flamencos de Morón.And lastly, closing out the series on June 30th, Los Flamencos de Morón, wonderful artists from the Seville town of Morón de la Frontera, with the guitars of the Amparo brothers (Paco and Ignacio), the singing of Rubio de Pruna and Teresa Ríos, the dancing of Ana Ojeda and the singing and dancing of Javier Heredia.  The fiesta finale is guaranteed, an excellent finish to these “Noches Brujas”.