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The Series Veranos de la Villa is loaded with flamenco for its 25th edition

Maestro Paco de Lucía opens the program of Veranos de la Villa in Madrid to be held between June 29th and August 22nd.
June 25, 2010

In addition to the stellar performances of Paco de Lucía, Miguel Poveda, Enrique Morente, Cigala and Dorantes, Madrid’s Puerta del Ángel, will also receive the likes of Enrique de Melchor, José Mercé, Farruquito, Arcángel and Carmen Cortés within the flamenco series celebrated in the Sabatini gardens, making this summer season a great time to see the best flamenco in the capital’s best possible setting, by the Palacio Real.

José Mercé was at the presentation of the Veranos de la Villa, and expressed his gratitude to Madrid, a city he considers “the capital of flamenco”.  Arcángel underlined the importance of flamenco forming part of the cultural program of the Veranos de la Villa.


(Flamenco shows)

Venue: Puerta del Angel. Map

PACO DE LUCÍA - Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 June 10:00pm.
Paco de Lucía, 1st guitar - Niño Josele, 2nd guitar - Antonio Serrano, keyboard and harmonica - Alain Pérez, bass - Israel Suarez Piraña, percussion - David de Jacoba and Duquende, voice - Antonio Fernández Montoya El Farruco, dance

MIGUEL POVEDA - - Friday 2 July 22.00h..

NOA & DORANTES - Saturday 3 July 9:30pm
In a union of cultures, this show offers the chance to enjoy a special encounter between different Mediterranean performers, Noa the most Mediterranean, and Dorantes the most international.

OJOS DE BRUJO - Tuesday 6 July 10:00pm.

DIEGO EL CIGALA - Saturday 31 July 10:00pm.
Cigala feels Argentine tango and flamenco is all about the same thing: small human tragedies that take place in the night.  Lovesickness which finds an outlet in music, or sitting in a lonely bar that never closes.


JOSÉ MERCÉ - Tuesday 10 August 10:00pm.
José Mercé, cante - Moraito Chico, guitarra.

CÍA. DE DANZA CARMEN CORTÉS -Wednesday 11 August 10:00pm.
Intérpretes: Carmen Cortés, Trinidad Artiguez, Natalia Ferrándiz, Mónica Rojas, Tamar Fernández. José Mendez

ENRIQUE DE MELCHOR & RAFAEL RIQUENI - Thursday 12 August 10:00pm.
Enrique de Melchor, guitarra - Rafael Riqueni, guitarra - Juan Triviño, cante - Juan Parrilla, flauta - El Guille, percusión - Lola Heredia y Marta Heredia, coros palmas - Loli Carmona y Carine Amaya, baile.

ENRIQUE MORENTE - Friday 13 August 10:00pm.
Enrique Morente, cante - David Cerrezuela and Israel Cerrezuela, guitars - Bandolero, percussion - Ángel Gabarre “Popo” and Enrique Morente junior, chorus

MOLINA & MONTOYA - Saturday 14 August 10:00pm.
Enrique de Melchor, guitar - Rafael Riqueni, guitar - Juan Triviño, cante - Juan Parrilla, flute - El Guille, percussion - Lola Heredia and Marta Heredia, chorus and palmas - Loli Carmona and Carine Amaya, dance.

EVA YERBABUENA -Sunday 15 August 10:00pm
Eva Yerbabuena, dance -Paco Jarana and Manuel de la Luz, guitars - Enrique El Extremeño, Pepe de Pura and Jeromo Segura, cantaors - Raúl Domínguez, percussion.

GERARDO NÚÑEZ -Tuesday 17 August 10:00pm.
Gerardo Núñez, Perico Sambeat, Mariano Díaz, Pablo Martín, Cepillo, Marc Miralta, Rafael de Utrera, dance.

ARCÁNGEL - Wednesday 18 August 10:00pm
Arcángel, cante - Miguel Ángel Cortés, guitar - Dani Méndez, guitar - Agustín Diassera, percussion - "Los Mellis", chorus and palmas.

JOSÉ MENESE - Thursday 19 August 10:00pm.
José Menese, cante. Artista invitada: Laura Vital, cante. Antonio Carrión y Eduardo Rebollar, guitarras - Concha Carrión y Rafa, palmas - Carmen Rivas “La Talegona”, baile.

MAYTE MARTÍN - Friday 20 August 10:00pm
José Menese, cante.  Guest artist: Laura Vital, cante. Antonio Carrión and Eduardo Rebollar, guitars - Concha Carrión and Rafa, palmas - Carmen Rivas “La Talegona”, dance.

FARRUQUITO -Saturday 21 August 10:00pm.
A group of fourteen musicians accompany the young dancer in his most intense work as he goes through the main flamenco forms: siguiriyas, alegrías, tangos and soleá, in an equally spectacular format which leaves no one indifferent towards this artform.


Raimundo Amador and Lin Cortés (Sala Cardamomo) - Friday 9 July. 11:00pm.

(Teatro La Latina) – From 28 July to 1 August, Wednesday to Friday 8:30pm, Saturdays 7:30pm and 10:30pm, Sundays 7:00pm
Compañía: Cía. Tito Losada Director/composer: Tito Losada Orchestra director: David Moreira