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Tribute to Ray Heredia in Seville

CAAC de Sevilla - June 4th, 2016. Seville
June 6, 2016
Photos: Marta Vila Aguilà

The evening of June 4th at the patio of the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo in Sevilla,the much-awaited tribute to Ray Heredia, one of the visionaries of new flamenco, took place. The musician's one and only recording,  ‘Quien no corre vuela’, released by Nuevos Medios, has become one of the great references of avant-garde flamenco.

A varied program of artists participated with uneven results, in the much-deserved though belated tribute.  The occasion gave us the opportunity to remember that new flamenco was at its best moment just 25 years ago, and has left in its wake a legacy that will go on and on.
Ray's spirit was present throughout the night. Members of Ketama and Barbería del Sur, opened the evening, leading to a wealth of performances by Las Negris Heredia, Agustín Carbonell ‘El Bola’, Tomatito with his son José Fernández, Lin Cortés, la Negra and Panky, Junior, la Flaka, Alba Molina, O'funk'illo, el Carpeta, Diego Carrasco with Alfredo Lagos and el Bandolero who had a constant presence throughout the show, in addition to Joselito Acedo, Jorge Pardo and Paquete. They were followed by María Toledo, Soleá Morente, and the tempestuous Estrella Morente with Pepe Luís Carmona, Juan José Amador with Bobote, Pastora Galván and Farru. Lya, Aurora Losada and el Bicho also participated in the tribute, as did Ray's daughter, Triana Heredia with her mother María, Soléa and Estrella Morente opened a long final fiesta with moving performances by members of Ray's family with continuous unexpected improvisations.


Soleá Morente & Triana Heredia

Estrella, Paquete, Remedios Heredia, Ezequiel, Paco Vega

Antonio Carmona & Sorderita

Las Negris

Soleá Morente

Antonio Carmona

Alfredo Lagos


Josemi Carmona

Estrella Morente


El Carpeta

Juan Carmona & Josemi Carmona


El Carpeta & Diego Carrasco

Juan Carmona

Carpeta & Diego Carrasco & Alfredo Lagos

Agustín Carbonell El Bola

Soleá Morente

Triana Heredia & María Negri


La Negra

Juan José Amador

El Panky

Miguel de El Bicho

Juan Carmona & María Toledo



Andreas Lutz - O Funkillo

Ginés Pozas

Pepe Luis Carmona

Aurora Losada

Tomatito - José Fernández

Pastora Galván & El Farru


El Bicho

Triana Heredia & Juan José Amador jr

Lin Cortés & María Negri

Estrella Morente & El Carpeta

Pepe Bao

Jorge Pardo & Estrella Morente

María Toledo & Lin Cortés & Junior

Junior, La Flaka, Alba Molina

Joselito Acedo, Estrella Morente

Soleá Morente & María Toledo

Lin Cortés & Alba Molina


Joselito Acedo & Pepe Bao

Homenaje a Ray Heredia

Triana Heredia & hijo