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The night of Tomatito - Flamenco on Fire. Photo Gallery

27th august - Escenario Sabicas
August 28, 2014
Photos: Pablo Lasaosa

Without a doubt, yesterday belonged to Tomatito, a night when the genius guitarist shined with his own light in Pamplona.  If anyone had any doubts about his absolute command of the guitar, no one had to wonder after the masterful lesson he gave at the Baluarte.

Tomatito Sexteto gave us a night to remember.  At the Sabicas Stage, with El Cristi on guitar, Simón Román and Kiki Cortiñas singing, Lucky Losada on percussion and Paloma Fantova dancing, we enjoyed a powerfully flamenco evening that was much enjoyed and applauded by everyone.  There were special ovations for Lucky Losada, maestro of percussion, and for Paloma Fantova who surprised everyone with her strength, energy and high-quality dancing, particularly those who had not seen her before.

Tomatito, a real flamenco who plays real flamenco and managed to make everyone present feel this art-form as their own.

Tomatito sexteto


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