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Montse Cortés "Flamencas en la Sombra"

Montse Cortés "Flamencas en la Sombra" in Madrid?s SUMA FLAMENCA. Teatro de la Abadía, June 12th, 2013. Photos & video
June 17, 2013
Photos&video: Rafael Manjavacas

This show is a tribute to those forgotten voices which nevertheless left a profound mark on flamenco thanks to their originality and contribution.

For many of these women, there was no chance that their singing would transcend the limits of their most private circles, either for personal reasons, social pressure of their era, or conventions of the time that kept them at home.

The legacy of these women has been orally transmitted, and an exhaustive investigation was required to save these cantes and verses they interpreted, in order to create an accurate collection of the pieces included on the record.

Women like María Peña, Isabelita de Jerez, Mercé la Serneta and La Andonda, Paca Aguilera, Tina de las Grecas and Aurora Losada were creators of unique personal styles that have gone done in history and deserve to be recognized by new generations of flamenco followers.

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