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Jeong Ga Ak Hoe, Marta Robles & Alba Carmona 'Pansori meets Flamenco'

Jeong Ga Ak Hoe, Marta Robles y Alba Carmona. Con la colaboración especial de Salao
'Pansori meets Flamenco'
May 27, 2013
Photos by Ana Palma

    Alba Carmona, voz
    Marta Robles, guitarra
    Manuel Masaedo, percusión
    José Manuel Álvarez, baile
    Chun Jaehyun, geomungo
    Lee Hyanghee, saenghwang
    Lee Seunghee, haegeum
    Kim Insoo, percusión
    Lee Narae, pansori
    Lee Jiae, gayageum

One of the up-and-coming groups of traditional Korean music, Jeong Ga Ak Hoe, performs on stage along with other great interpreters: guitarist Marta Robles, a prominent star on the current flamenco scene, and singer Alba Carmona, in addition to the special collaboration of José Antonio Martín "Salao".  This is a project that unites two traditional musical genres on an international stage: Pansori and Flamenco.

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