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Homenaje a El Güito en su despedida de los escenarios

Eduardo Serrano El Güito, is retiring from the stage, and the world of flamenco paid him an emotional and well-deserved tribute.
June 13, 2014
Photos & videos: Rafael Manjavacas

Tribute for El Güito.

 “We have before us a complete flamenco artist: teacher, choreographer, interpreter and creator of a way of dancing solea which is already in the history books of flamenco dance”…thus begins the biography of a Madrid artist who became in institution in flamenco dance.

El Güito


On June 9th he was honored by artists who one way or another are associated with Eduardo Serrano "El Güito", via their cante, Juan Valderrama, Paco del Pozo, José Mercé and José Menese and dance, Manuel Liñán & Marco Flores, La Truco, Angela Españadero, Paloma Fantova and Farru. In addition to the accompaniment guitarists, singers and palmeros, and the entirety of Madrid flamenco followers, more than 600 fans showed up at the Auditorio Marcelino Camacho in Madrid to send off the great Eduardo Serrano El Güito with honors..

Organized by Antonio Benamargo, Flamenco Hoy.